Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Crashing of the State Dinner Continues to Amaze Me

I just left this comment over at the Air America site on the crashing of the State Dinner at the White House last month by the Salahis.

This article says that these two got in by their looks alone. They look the part of the rich. True, but only up to a point. Anyone who works in security will tell you it is people "that look the part" that need to be watched the most.

I still cant figure out how they got away with it! I also think they are cool for trying it.

The Salahi's crashing of the State Dinner continues to amaze me.

For one thing, they did everyone a favor by showing how easy it is for someone who "looks the part" to endanger the leadership of the United States at an event like this. A terrorist could easily have had bags of powder-covered anthrax or another poisonous device and set it loose. It would even be possible to wrap 20 pounds of explosives around their body and detonate it-- the weapons detectors would probably not have picked this up. I will tell you this- I venture to say by now that the Secret Service has basically told them that they are now a security threat to the President, and had better not step 1000 feet near the President or another event like this or their lives will be in danger.

Secondly, i still cannot figure out how they got in. Can anyone really tell me that someone who was not on the guest list can talk there way into an event of this magnitude? I do not buy that some guard waved them in without finding them on a list. Something else must have gone on here. Sorry, the men who guard the White House are not idiots.

Does anyone really think that something like this could happen?

They arrive and purposely walk up to the admissions booth. Three people are there looking at them. They look chic and "the part":

The guard: Welcome to the White House. Your name please?

The Salahis: Tariq and Michele Salahi. (polite but a bit cold, you don't mix with the help".

The guard: MMMM. Hold on please (a line is forming and he needs to do this fast). Your not on the list here.

The Salahis: Smiling We must be! I am sure you will find us on it.

The guard: Looking flustered. Well, please go in. We will straighten this out.

Sorry I do not buy it.


Also, before the seating of the State Dinner, they just amble out without raising any questions? I understand you might amble outside to smoke a ciggie, but this does not make any sense.

Sorry, something is fishy here.


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