Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ask Eddi: Should I Worry About an Addiction to Second Life Sex?

Dear Eddi:

I am addicted to Second Life Cybersex.  Between my three alts, I must have sex with at least  five or six guys a day.  I can't seem to stop.   My partner does not know about this, and I have lots of sex with him too when I am not at Tristar or Hubs picking someone up. I really like all this sex, although sometimes I need to take a break because I am not circumcised and things can get rather "rash" if you know what I mean. Do I need to worry about all this sex?

Dear Chaffed Reader:

Eddi does not know your age but has to think you may be in your "prime" as far as all this non-stop cybersex goes.  If you are past 35, please share your secret for your cyber-libido  in a comment below. What Eddi is hearing is that you essentially are on Second Life seven days a week having non-stop cybersex from morning to night.  Now, most people reading this will probably find this rather unhealthy  Eddi does not necessarily think so, in some cases, all this cybersex might actually be beneficial!

What Eddi does not know is this- is all this non-stop sexual activity new to Second Life, or were you finding yourself playing with yourself at all hours of the day before?  Or even better, were you finding yourself playing with others at all hours of the day?  In either case, Second Life cybersex will be a healthy and wholesome substitute for these other activities. For one thing, Second Life cybersex is generally cheaper that other forms of online cybersex. It can be expensive to download all these hot gay falcon porn movies, or pay for webcams with online hustlers! And lets face it, Facebook is not exactly that "hot" an environment!

Participating in Second Life cybersex as a hot gay male is not that expensive. For the price of 6,000 Linden, one can buy himself a hot Agape shape, Redgrave skin, Realism cock, and Uncle Web haircut, and look like the man of everyone's dream!  The only real-life cost is buying yourself lots of hand lotion or other lubricant so you can keep your "chaffing" to a minimum! What a deal! And, if you are still in high school or college, think about all the money you have to spend going to some bar and trying to get picked up by some hot young guy - assuming you have proper ID!   And, of course, the risk of disease transmission is at a minimum in Second Life.

Now, if having this much of an obsession with sex is new to you, think about all the benefits of non-stop masturbation.  It certainly is less damaging to your brain then getting into reality television, or even worst, spending time trying to BE a contestant!  And, you can always set up a web cam, and try to make money on the side! In this day an age, it is hard to find a wholesome hobby -- and in many cases non-stop Second Life cybersex can make a favorable difference in your life!

I welcome you to send me your questions to I will maintain confidentiality.   Lets see if we can put you on the right direction!  

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