Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ask Eddi - Is Premium Membership Worth it?

Dear Eddi:

I am thinking of becoming a Second Life premium member. Is it worth it?

Dear Intelligent Reader.

If you can afford it, the answer is yes.

Let's work out the math.  Assuming that you are not ready to commit to a $72.00 U.S. price for a one-year premium membership, a quaterly permium membership costs $22.50, or $7.50 a month.
For this, here is what you get:

1.  Free rent on a 512k parcel that you can use to put up a starter home or store, or apply to a larger lot on Linden land. This is worth U.S. $5.00 a month according to Linden.

If you are not using Linden Land, you can give this allocation to a group, or buy a cheap parcel (they can be had for under 2000 linden in places) , put up a skybox, and rent it out to someone. If your friend lived on Linden Land and has started a group to assign the land to (always a wise idea), you can deed your rent allocation to that group if you are a member.

2.  You get 300 linden a week.  This is worth about $5.00 a month.

3.  You get much better customer service, a separate phone line to call, and chat support for any issues that you may have. You become a first-class citizen. This alone is worth it for many premium members even though they are not taking any free land. 

Your $7.50 a month (which goes down to $6.00 a month if you buy an annual subscription) gets you all sorts of goodies; the money and rent on a parcel are worth $10.00 a month.  For me, the most important thing is the additional  support.   So becoming a premium member is most definitely worth it!

I welcome you to send me your questions to I will maintain confidentiality.   Lets see if we can put you on the right direction! 


  1. Nice now im defently going to premium

  2. If I, as a premium member want a larger piece of land than 512 sq m, how does that work? Do I have to pay extra tier?

  3. Charles -- Yes, you can pay extra tier. I do this.

  4. I have been a "second class" (non-premium) SL citizen for just over 3 years. I am a Merchant and partner/owner in a group that runs group owned land on 2 adjacent parcels in a private "estate" and my land partner is a premium acct holder. I have been trying to find the true advantages of me changing my free membership to a premium one. I understand the land credits, thou for myself they are not needed, and what I'm getting from this information is that other than some better customer service from the LL,its self (which I've NEVER needed), I have no other real incentive to upgrade. Because I have made several land deals with private estates, I do know that the "free" land is only a slight advantage, yet a good selling point for those who wouldn't know any better. For the "average Joe" what IS the real benefit of making the upgrade? Why should the masses of free residents be inspired to go premium? I just want some clarity on the concept. I'm assuming that this would actually be more important to corporations and collages that need some additional support or training. I tend to be a self starter :) (THANK YOU Ivory Tower!!)


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