Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ask Eddi: From a "Woman With a Past"

 Elizabeth Taylor- A Woman With a Past

Dear Eddi,

I have such a dilemma and need your sage advice.  I'm really into this new guy, and find him very attractive.  He doesn't seem to notice me though.  I've tried changing my appearance, and dressing to make myself look move available.  I even got emerald boob enhancers that give me awesome cleavage.   I'm at my wit's end here.  Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Dear Frustrated Reader:

Eddi will make the following assumptions as he tries to help you;

1.  You are a Second Life female, and not a Second Life shemale, in which case my advice would have to be different.

2.  Your friend is a Second Life male, and is actively looking for sex with Second Life females. If he is not doing this, then you would probably not be concerned. Also, Eddi is assuming that this is not a "trick questions" from a lesbian, in which case, his advice would have to be different.

Now, assuming that the answers to the above questions are true, your appearance to your friends, and your potential sex conquests,  is what was called a generation or  two ago "a woman with a past". Fergie, the trashy and slutty but yet widely loved Duchess of York, was called "a woman with a past" in certain British social circles. Elizabeth Taylor, with her eight marriages to seven husbands is most surely a "woman with a past". What is the difference between a "woman with a past" and a plain ordinary slut?  Like a spider, a "woman with a past" actually seeks to use things like "emerald boob enhancers" to lure her conquests into bed. A slut just does anything that comes along without spending time planning her conquests.

Now, if all this sounds scary, it should.  The average Second Life straight male looking for sex does not want to be trapped and controlled by a female like yourself. He just wants a stupid slut who is going to lay back and think about which excite button she needs to press to please her partner.  Or, on the other hand, like most men, he is looking for a younger version of his mother.  Unless Mom was Mae West, she is most definately  not using emerald boob enhancers herself.

Be a bit less "obvious" and perhaps you will get the man of your dreams! And that is my advice for today.

For help with your Second Life problems please leave Eddi a question at and he just might change your second life.

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