Wednesday, December 30, 2009

93 people subscribe to accoeding to Feebburner

I have been getting excited all year over the number of hits I have in my blogs- 50,000 here, and another 90,000 in other blogs that I publish with my partner Jago Constantine.  But this is only part of the story.

According to Google's Feeburner, which needs to be used by everyone with a serious Blog, 93 people subscribe to this blog around the world.  This is not counted in my page hits, subscribers read blogs through a reader. On Saturday, there were an additional 232 hits; you actually do not need to "click" to the website to see the content.  So this doubles the number of page hits this blog has had all year.

I did not think 93 sounded like a big number, but it is cool that these many people are interested in following what I am doing and pointing out to read.

It is easy to install Feedburner and get all these great stats if you have a Google account.  Go to "my account" and register for free.

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