Monday, November 30, 2009

Ask Eddi Advice Colum- A New Feature of Eddi Haskell's Second Life

In case you have not noticed, I have started a new regular feature.  An advice column with will provide the answers for your deepest and most perplexing questions concerning Second Life.

Today, I addressed the issue of alts, and provided advice on the correct and incorrect ways in which to use them:

In the past week, I have:

Provided advice on the best size for a Second Life male endowment:

Addressed a readers concerns that he was turning into a Second Life transvestitie:

Helped an insecure reader who was made insecure by his boyfriend's devastating good looks:
And helped someone to sent the wrong sex photos to her boyfreind.  The poor lass actually send photos of he her having sex with his best friend- a development he was not even aware of!

I welcome you to send me your questions either in a comment here, or in a note card inworld. I will maintain confidentiality.   Lets see if we can put you on the right direction! 

Photo of the Day: New Venice in Blue Mars

I took this picture of a lion (one of the symbols of the real-world Venice) on Blue Mars last night.  Note that the resolution is relatively low since I am using a screnscraper, and only a small portion of my visual interface to do this.  Still, it is a cool graphic.

I liked this tavern sign

Here is my avatar Roger walking around New Venice and noticing all these cool signs and murals.

Happy Birthday to Eddi's Second Life!

I almost let this one slip, but Eddi Haksell's Second Life, this blog turned one year old last Friday.  I published 852 blog entries my first year.  And, once again, thank you all for reading what really is a bit of a funky, humorous (I hope) blog on not only Second Life- but anything I feel like writing about at the time!

I would like to share with you how my views have increased to over 7,000 for the month of November. The total number of views for all the blogs I publish, including the Zindra Times, my largest publication is actually over 18,000 this month.

All the best, and thank you for reading, Eddi.

Ask Eddi: Are Alts a Good or Bad Thing?

Dear Eddi:   

What is your position on alts?
Dear Inquisitive Reader:

Usually beneath.

Levity aside, Eddi approves of alts (other avatars which you own, the average Second Life resident has several) under the right circumstances. Eddi has an alt, Ryce Skytower, who has his own unique personality and blog, Confessions of an Airhead..  Most people do not know why Eddi has an alt. Ryce Skytower was created at one point when Eddi contemplated leaving Second Life, and wanted an alternative identity; luckily for Eddi, his partner Jago Constantine stopped this from happening.

Eddi continued Ryce to give himself "breathing room" and privacy when he logs on.  Eddi, as is typical with other avatars with multiple interests,  can be confronted with as many as 20 people trying to contact him about one issue or another when he logs on. In addition, Eddi thinks that it is fun to be a cute blond surfer at times, and enjoys dancing professionally as Ryce at clubs on special occasions.  The fact that Ryce is Eddi's alt is noted in both their profiles.  In addition, since Eddi does not enjoy playing "alt games" by concealing his identity to friends, Ryce wears a tag that says "Eddi Haskell's Alt" over his head at times, which can cause massive confusion to many due to the audacity of the honesty.

Now, Eddi must admit that one reason he does not want to play "alt games" with multiple accounts is the sheer confusion that would result for him.  For one thing, he would constantly have to look at who he was at the time, since he is so forgetful.  Secondly, if one has been or is a bit promiscuous, it can be very embarrassing to congratulate someone on a hot night of sex even though you had it with your other avatar. ("oh sorry...    You must have hooked up with my alt Ryce Skytower then" is a line Eddi has had to use in the past to the embarrassment of all concerned).

Eddi's alt Ryce Skytower

Now, these are fine reasons to create an alt.  The need for privacy at times, or wanting to be "someone else", even it is a member of the opposite sex.  You and your partner may both decide to make alts to give yourself a getaway on Second Life.  Eddi estimates that over 75% of all avatars who have been active and resident in Second Life for over one year have a fully functioning alt that they use on occasion --- and in a healthy manner.  It is not necessary to "come out" as an alt, just do not play "alt games" and try to gain the upper hand on people through them.

Eddi also has observed that although one thinks that they  annot hide your personality as an alt, this is easy to do so. Unless you have a glaringly obvious trait like Eddi has - the ability to type at unheard at speeds inworld ( Eddi himself can type over 200 words a minute - this drives people nuts and is easily recognizable),  most people are too wrapped up with themselves to notice alts.

There are also bad reasons to create an alt.   One is spying on friends or partners, and shame on you if you  use an alt to test your partner's fidelity.  For what point?  To ruin Second Life for the both of you?  To have the jollies of seeing your partner cheat on you only for the both of you to ultimately unpartner in a Soap-Opera-ish camp vindictive scene?  Of course it is easy to seduce your partner as an alt!  Your partner is having sex with you just like he or she should be!  You know all of your partner's  trigger points for seduction; why play such games?   If you want to screw someone as an alt, go log in at the same time as your main account and have sex with your alt; this way you can really "screw yourself over" without screwing over your partner at the same time!

For help with your Second Life problems please leave Eddi a question in comments, or leave him a note card inworld.  

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ask Eddi - What is the correct size for a Second Life Male Endowment?

This comes from a concerned reader in Florida.

Please note:  I have done a bit of judicious editing here to keep this question in the good taste that the rest of this blog is written in.

Dear Eddi:

I am new to Second Life. I have noticed that most of the guys who I meet have really large "male members".  Although they seem way too big for me, I must admit, they can be interesting to look at.  I am still experimenting with the size of my own "male member".  What size do you recommend?

Dear Inquisitive Reader:

It all depends on what you are looking for. Granted, Eddi himself appreciates "male members" which are party sized in real and Second life, but wonders if the "freakishly huge" sized "male member" really is attractive or necessary. Many men in Second Life who are not gay tend to be a bit more conservative in the size department.  However, if you yourself like "male members" that can make the Guinness Book of World Records in terms of grotesqueness, you will find many admirers in virtual reality.  So please experiment and have some fun!  You can even walk around naked in the adult continent of Zindra and ask people what they think of your endowment; such conduct is legal there.

For help with your Second Life problems please leave Eddi a question in comments, or leave him a note card inworld.  

Photo of the Day: Winter Ferris Wheel

I photographed this on Winterreise sim.

Expanded Blue Mars Exhibit at My Gallery

I have an expanded Blue Mars photography exhibit going on at my Gallery with some new photography. All in all I have close to 30 photographs up, many of them are new. While you are at it you can pick up a copy of this poster. 

Here is the SLURL to my Gallery:

Travel - Istanbul. Cities you must see at least once.

Gay Travel to Istanbul - Pointers are at the end of the article. 

Update July 2016. Travel to Turkey is no longer recommended for openly gay tourists due to the increasingly homophobic environment caused by actions of the Turkish Islamist government, including the disruption of the distribution of gay publications, and interference in gay pride marches. In addition, the volatile situation in the Middle East can trigger anti-Western (particularly anti-American) sentiments at any time. Gay travelers to Turkey are warned to exercise extreme discretion in public conduct, and watchful for police activity in bars, nightclubs, and hotels serving a gay clientele. 

One thing about the real life me, that many people do not know, is that I have traveled to around 60 countries in my lifetime.  For several years, I was a consultant based in London, and used to travel around the world as part of my job- a typical year consisted about about 150 days on the road. Some of the travel was ludicrous. I once did a 10 day around the world trip (40,000 miles) meeting with various clients in five continents, this is an experience I would never want to repeat.Needless to say, I am not keen on long distance air travel as a recreational activity. But I do look back and congratulate myself on seeing all these places as part of some very hard work.

The Blue Mosque in Old Istanbul

One of my favorite cities is Istanbul.  I have had the pleasure of traveling there twice. I cannot wait to go back.  Istanbul is an absolutely stunning city on one of the world's most scenic settings- the Bosporus Straits connecting Europe and Asia - spanned by a huge modern suspension bridge that looks like the Golden Gate, and the Golden Horn, which separates old Istanbul (above), which used to be called Constantinople before 1453, and modern Istanbul (below).  Old Istanbul, as Constantinople was the center of the world for about 1000 years.

Modern Istanbul- Across the Golden Horn

I am not going to go down the history route, but basically, Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity, and subsequently his empire along with him,  moved his capital here from Rome.  This became the Byzantine empire, one of the most polyglot and enlightened cities the world has ever scene.  Although many of the ancient churches have been torn down, Hagia Sophia, the Church of the Divine Wisdom, is still standing -  it is enormous and fascinating to see.  It is no longer a Church or a Mosque but a Museum. They have lots of cute cats inside, who have food to eat and are super friendly. One of the things I have noticed about Turks who are (and forgive me for a stereotype) some of the nicest, friendliest, most polite people I have ever met is that they take care of stray animals in public places, a trait that I admire greatly.   I'll have more to say about this later.

 Hagia Sophia, Church of the Divine Wisdom - The Biggest Building in the World for almost 1000 years. 

The South Side of the Golden Horn, old Istanbul is like a working museum.  This is the Istanbul of popular imagination. Beautiful Mosques such as the Blue Mosque above, that are open to members of any faith as long as you take your shoes off before you enter, and observe proper silent decorum.   I found going to all these Mosques (I remember going to two other huge ones) to be a very peaceful and moving experience-- my thoughts turned to contemplating the universe as I looked at the peaceful geometry inside, and heard people chanting in a nice language. I felt at home, and at peace. Anyone who thinks that Islam is a religion of violence needs to come to Istanbul and see why it is so attractive to so many people.

The Grand Bazaar- Forget to win in bargaining if you are American. 

The other great tourist attraction south of the Golden Horn is the huge Grand Bazaar. What brought Istanbul  this to mind  tonight is that my sister, staying down here at my Mom's house, found a gift - a well made green leather case, that I purchased for a Mother's Day gift in the grand bazaar that my Mom never used and wanted to take it. I said fine, and remembered the day I purchased it.  I had to haggle with three guys in the bazaar who acted like I ripped them off beyond belief by paying about $100 US for it-- any Turk could have gotten it for 1/2 the price.  Needless to say I thought it was a good buy at the time, and it would have cost double in the U.S., which leads us to rule number 1 about Istanbul.

Rule number 1. Do not try to bargain and win in the Grand Bazaar, which is a shopping area the size of an entire downtown.  You will lose unless you are Turkish, or know what the heck you are doing.


North of the Golden Horn is modern Istanbul. The Golden Horn is not a big strait, the bridges are modest-- but crossing it, quite literally, is moving ahead in time about 500 years.  Here, the people, mostly young, are western dressed.  Taksim, which is like Times Square, is the center of Turkish gay life - and has a number of gay bars and discos.  Modern hotels are here (A 5-star hotel can be had for about $120.00 a night U.S., Istanbul is a very inexpensive travel destination), as are great restaurants and just about anything else you want in a modern  city.

Turkish Food is Incredibly Good

Now I said that Turks were friendly and courteous. One of the most unbelievable things happened to me in a good Turkish restaurant in Taksim (btw if you think you have had good kebabs forget it- you have not experienced one of the world's great cuisines until  you come to Istanbul).  I have problems with cigarette smoke.  Turks can smoke very smelly cigarettes in restaurants.  Well, I asked the person about 15 feet away if he would not mind not smoking since I was allergic and his smoking meant i could not enjoy my meal. The person - and his table-- apologized to me, put out cigarettes, said "our guests meal is what we were are concerned about" or something like this, and could not have been nicer. My hosts said "of course he will put it out, just ask him".  Now,  I have never seen conduct like this.  They were apologizing to ME for smoking!

One other time, in Taksim, an extremely handsome (many of the men in Istanbul are stunning) young guy we was running a kebab shop invited me back in his place for some tea. I spent an hour talking to him.  Since I am shy when I travel I did not "explore" his friendliness -- he said he wanted to practice his English.  This is the type of city it is-- everyone seems to be super friendly. But a caveat-

Rule number 2.  This extends to anyone gay, straight, or whatever.   Although it is not common, never take up someones offer on the street to take you to a nightclub, or join them for a drink.  You may find yourself buying drinks for some male or female "escorts" who will just come and sit at your table. They will be given water, and you will end up being hit with a huge bill-- if you resist paying, you will be physically intimidated. In essence you have been mugged. Once again, never take anyone's offer up on the street to take you to a club! 

Gay Pride in Istanbul

Gay travel in Istanbul (note: please proceed with caution in 2016)

Istanbul has a large gay scene.  It is legal.  There are no laws against gay relations. They have has Gay Pride in the past, although it has been disrupted in recent years.  The culture in Turkey is very very macho. The majority of the guys seem fit. Guys do not walk down the street kissing and holding hands. I have heard that the old Turkish bath houses have a gay subculture,  but I have not been so I cannot comment.  The bars and clubs were enough action for me. There were many - but the drink prices are steep. Make sure you ask before you order.

Now, things may have changed. I have not been in three years, and the situation for the Western gay tourist may have become a bit less safe, as more "Islamic" elements may be more prominent in Turkish society. My guess is that this does not extend to Istanbul, but watch how you act and where you in public. Please check the travel guides for updates.

As I have indicated, many Turkish men are very handsome.  They are not all dark either (the smoldering dark-eyed look very nice); there were many blonds around, since Istanbul is such a melting pot.  If you are "Western" looking,especially with pale hair and skin,  you are considered a bit of "bait" for the hot horny guys there.  Many are bi, and I will say one of the hottest weeks of my life was spent in Istanbul. I will let you use your imagination. This is one of the reasons why I want to go back. I have a vivid memory of sitting at a bar in Istanbul, getting a bit drunk, and a really beautiful young guy who was sitting next to me starting rubbing his leg against mine.  Let's just say that my hand accidentally touched his pants, and a really big surprise was waiting for me.

Many Turkish Guys are fit and very good looking

I will write about another must-see city many of you have not considered to visit- Glasgow, Scotland, when I have the chance.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jago Constantine's Traveloque Series

Jago has written an interesting travelogue of his Journeys around Second Life.  Check out his blog here to find out what he has found:

Jago's Blog:

What are the 10 most popular photos of me in 2009?

It's that time of year when you publish retrospectives of your activities for the past 12 months. I want to share with you the 12 most downloaded photos of myself for 2009:

1. Here is an ad for the Museum of Sex Furniture that  I did.  This was downloaded quite a bit.

2. Here I am in the Museum of Sex Furniture again. I guess people like to see me all tied up for some reason.

3. Here is a photo of myself and Jago that many people downloaded.

4. Here I am modeling some JGD speedos.

5. Lots of people liked this photo.

6. Here I am making out with my partner Jago. Lots of people liked this one too.


7. This is not me, but these are my ancestors Ida and Yankel Haskellski coming over through Ellis Island from Lithuania 100 years ago. Since they look so much like me I put them in.  Note that they could only afford a dress for Yankel to wear at the time since boys clothes were too expensive to buy.


8. Here are Jago and I dancing at a cock sock party. Notice how many of these downloaded photos have a recurrent "theme"?

9. Many of you downloaded me in these silks.


10. Here is Jago showing off his big gun again.

Photo of the Day- Tyrol Village in Second Life

Photographed on the Winterreise Sim

Birthday Party Announcment for Sunday- All Are Welcome

4 Hot Guys + 4 Hot Hours + 2 Hot DJs = 1 Hot Party!

Join us on Cabria Lagoon from 3 to 7 pm SLT on Sunday November 29 to celebrate the oddly clustered RL birthdays of Myles Capalini, Tane Daxter, Brendan Tsarchon and Theo Verstandig.

DJ Wesley Spengler will be playing from 3-5 pm and DJ Yummy will take over from 5-7.

In lieu of gifts, we will ask for donations  to AIDS Committee of Toronto.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo of the Day - Winter Scene with Haycart

See Ryce Skytower in his First Porn Flick

I am shocked. How can he have done such a thing and call himself my alt?


Aussieboys Light Effects

Another photo at Aussieboys this morning.  I was playing around with colors and exposures.

I love Aussieboys.  Its open at the late hours, 3 am sl time usually to coincide with the Australian evening since so many of the guys here are hot Aussies!  The mall is cool, I bought some nice new clothes today.  The music is tops with good DJ's , and you need to check it out!

SLURL to Aussieboys;

Ask Eddi - Am I a closet Transvestite?

 Eddi and Saki

Our advice column for today comes from a concerned reader in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Dear Eddi:

Please help me.  You see, I am worried that Second Life has exposed my inner self as a transvestite. For all my life, I have been what many consider to be a man's man. I hate shopping. I love the NFL. I hate crudites and humus dip.  I love steak and pizza. I hope you can get the picture. 

One month ago, as a joke, I created a female alt on Second Life with the help of a friend of mine, another guy, who had made one as a novelty item. Now, when I first made "Noreen" which is not her real  name, I laughed my head off.  There were jiggling emerald boobs, there was the cute face that came with the premium shape I got, it was all very nice but funny.  When my friend suggested I go to Excte and get a starter "lady" sex pack, so he could break me in, I threatened to punch his head out in real life. No one is getting near Noreen's honey trap!

But, something happened when I passed my first lovely dress shop as Noreen.  I found that I could not fight an uncontrollable urge to buy this saucy little red minidress with these hot leather boots. So I bought "Noreen" one outfit. And then another.  In my first day of buying clothes, I ended up spending L$22,000 on hot little outfits for my new avatar. 

It has not stopped there.  I now am spending even more time as Noreen, and am entering all the high end shops to buy clothes and shoes.  I just dropped L$14,000 at Zhoa on various  pumps.  In the past three weeks, I have spent over $78,000 on clothes and hair for "Noreen".  And I have to admit, I do look stunning in all my new get ups!

So Eddi, am I a transvestite?   How can I stop?   What advice can you give me?

Dear Concerned Reader:

Just because you enjoy dressing "Noreen" up to the nines does not mean that you will be a real life transvestite. For one thing, large sized steak and potato mid-American men, which I assume you are, simply cannot find the fashion that being a high end tranny requires, since they do not make outfits for the "larger" real life woman that are saucy and chic in size 60's. For another, all these clothes would cost many thousands to buy in real life. Unless you feel an uncontrollable urge to buy a bra and fishnet panties, and wear them to the office, I would not worry about being a real life tranny.

However, you most certainly are a Second Life tranny.  You have the "itch", and I believe you should continue down this road as your income can afford. Come up with a hot stage name like "Stella Doro" or "Connie Classless" and perform at gay clubs.  You will be a hoot and make money to to pay for all your new outfits. However, once you start going to your local seamstress to see if you yourself can wear a matching outfit with "Noreen" as you play Second Life, you have a whole new set of issues to deal with, and professional help is required.

Good luck accessorizing in Second Life!   You will need it so you can play mix and match more effectively!

For help with your Second Life problems please leave Eddi a question in comments, or leave him a note card inworld.  

Hanging Out with Zim Gunsburg at AussieBoys This Morning!

And Zim was letting it all hang out too!

Nice Free Hanukkah Fonts

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights begins on the evening of December 11. Fonts are harder to come by then Christmas fonts, and they tend to look a bit plain. But I did find some nice ones here.  I like the dreidel (spinning to) ones, the caps put the letters in the dreidel.

Nice Free Christmas Fonts

I discovered some very nice free Christmas fonts at this site. I am only showing a partial selection above:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

These People Crashed The White House State Dinner for the President of India??????

 Ok let me get this straight.  This reality tv couple crashes the recent White House State Dinner for the President of India and is around the entire leadership of the United States?  HOW? Here they are with Vice President Biden. Granted, they look the part of Billionaire donors to the Obama campaign, but the nerve!  I know once you are in, your in at events like this, no one will ever question you after you enter that door. But I am amazed! Head will roll for this, and these guys are going to need a very good lawyer- you do not mess with the Secret Service. But still, they conned their way through what is supposed to be the world's tightest security!  Kudos to you!

Update:  Apparently they will not need a lawyer, all they did was go to a party.  But believe me, they are going to be told in no uncertain terms never ever to try this again.  And reports are that they had filmed this entire set up as an event. They are going to be everywhere now, just you wait. I want to see them crash a Buckingham Palace garden party next, that will be funny.

Ask Eddi- My Boyfriend is hot and I am not What can I do?

Dear Eddi:

Perhaps you can help me with my problem.  I have been in Second Life for about four months.  I met this drop-dead gorgeous guy three weeks ago.  He's really nice too but really hot to look at.  I get a woody whenever I am with him. We have been together almost every night, and have the best sex.  We spend quite a bit of time going out with his friends, and they are all good looking too. But I am really not that much to look at.  My friend keeps on telling me that looks are not everything, but lets face it.  he makes heads turns and I look little better than a newbie.   I am afraid I will lose him.  What can I do?

Dear Concerned Reader:

Although the majority of people who read this column must think to themselves that you are either contrived, or not the brightest of stars, because the answer to your problem is so simple, I commend you on your honestly. Many of us who have handsome partners feel inadequate but do not realize it or admit it.  All of us treat Second Life as an extension of the real world to a certain degree, and inadequacy of appearance is something that plaques the vast majority of us in real life, unless we have the musculature and bearing of  Brad Pitt, or the blue eyes and clear skin of Zac Effron.

Now, I will answer your question.  Get $5,000 Linden together, which is twenty American somehow, and buy yourself a hot look.  The vast majority of gay men in Second Life have no clue how to pick out a skin, body and hair for an optimal look, and very very few avatars under one year of age can do this. So what can you do? Go to a place like Agape Shapes or Q-Design, and pick out a hot model that you feel turns on the people who you want to impress- make sure that you get the styling card that comes along with it.  Take your boyfriend with you.   And then, follow the instructions on the card exactly.  you will be the hunk of your dreams.

However enlightened reader, I have news for you.   Your boyfriend on SL in all likelihood could not care less about what your avatar looks like if he is in a wonderful full-time and serious relationship physical and emotional relationship with you for three weeks.  You must be good at cybersex or conversation, or you must be satisfying your boyfriends needs some other way.  Perhaps it is due to your ........... personality? What a strange thought (Eddi rolls his eyes in sarcasm).   Relationships based on avatar looks last a very short period of time in Second Life. And, a hot avatar with a jerk or insecure personality will fade fast.

I believe that Second Life is a wonderful training ground for those of us who have had problems forming relationships in real life because we did not think we were "hot" enough. For not a lot of money, one can be the man of his dreams in Second Life - with the right help of course.  I venture to say concerned reader that you are insecure about your looks in the real world, and probably very harsh on yourself.   For you, Second Life has a wonderful role to play in building the better relationships of tomorrow.

For help with your Second Life problems please leave Eddi a question in comments and he just might answer it in this column. 

Happy Thanksgiving- Classic Friends Flashbacks

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Prayer for Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving.  It  is the day in the United States (and in Canada  in October) in which thanks is given for the subsistence in which we have been given in the past year.   Legend has it that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims who came over from England on the Mayflower (above)  looking for religious freedom for their uptight, puritanical ways in 1621.  The people who are descended from these hearty pioneers in the United States and Canada actually number in the millions; however if you can verify your dependency you can join the old bastion of WASPness, the Mayflower socitey.

 But do not be fooled!   Many of the woman who came over on that fateful voyage such as the hussy on the right were forced to wear a scarlet A's for adulteress-- in fact, Sydney Biddle Barrows, the infamous Mayflower Madam, bears a striking resemblance to the harlot on the right of this picture below, who is, in fact, can now be confirmed as her direct ancestor!

Levity aside, I would like to share this prayer with you by Robert Louis Stevenson, that great Scotsman. I like to say this prayer before I perform wedding ceremonies, and offer it to you in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Lord, behold our family here assembled.
We thank you for this place in which we dwell,
for the love that unites us,
for the peace accorded us this day,
for the hope with which we expect the morrow,
for the health, the work, the food,
and the bright skies that make our lives delightful;
for our friends in all parts of the earth.
Let us say Amen.

Questons for Article 'Interview with a Male Escort"

A while ago I proposed this "interview with a male escort" to a magazine in Second Life and never went through with it due to another project. I remember spending a great deal of time coming up with these questions. If any male escort wishes to answer them, I would be glad to run your answers and your photo in this blog. Just leave your answers in comments. Thanks, Eddi!

1. You're hot. Will you tell my partner if I have sex with you?

2. Do you have a Jake Gyllenhall looking avatar as a follow-up to question 1?

3. Do you have water sports equipment as a follow-up to question 1?

4. Does your mother know you are a whore?

5. Are you a real -life whore? If so how much do you charge?

6. Well, here's the obvious next question. then why are you spending time here making four American dollars an hour?

7. Is there a whore school in SL or are you self-taught?

8. Do you have a little black book like Heidi Fleiss did, and how much will you sell me a copy for?

9. What percent of your clients wank off at the keyboard when they are having sex with you? What would you guess?

10. Why do so many new gay avatars want to investigate being whores when they come on? It is due to acting out a fantasy, or is it due to the fact that they don't have any money?

11 Do you think I could be a whore, and how much could I get?

A Real Video from Cuno Fluno -- Our First Anniversary Party

I put up my own slide show of Jago and my first anniversary party earlier this week, but this is a much better machinima by Cuno Fluno. He has also interspersed photography from my Blue Mars exhibit. Check this out.

Star Trek the Movie Anniversary

Although I am not a Trekkie, many of my friends are. December 7 will be the 30th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek the Motion Picture.

I am planning a big post for that day,  but I am posting this early if any club owners want to plan an event that weekend or that night.

Fleet Week in New Babbage

 Lokiboy, one of the great Second Life filmmakers, did this very professional video of Fleet Week in New Babbage, one of the main centers of Steampunk.  I love warships, and the fanciful variations of ships from the 1860 - 1910 period here are amazing, as are the zeppelins and other airships.  A great effort!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ask Eddi Advice Column- She gave the wrong sex photos to her boyfriend!

This comes from a reader in Birmingham Alabama.

Dear Eddi. My boyfriend and I were having sex.   He knows that I love to snap hot pictures.  When he asked me if I took any pictures, I said yes and gave them to him.  But to my mistake, I sent him pictures of myself having sex with one of his best friends!   We were fooling around two weeks ago for a few nights, nothing serious. But now, my boyfriend won't speak to me OR his best friend, and everyone hates me!  What am I to do?

Dear Concerned  Reader:

There are several unanswered questions here. First of all, was your an open or intended as a monogamous relationship?  If it was monogamous relationship, you must come to the realization that you are a complete slut, and will probably never change.You are also most likely a nymphomaniac.

I, too, have done something like this with my partner, but we are open, and in such cases, this becomes highly amusing to both parties.  However, if your relationship is traditional, you have a huge mess on your hands.

Forget apologizing.  What I would do is take some very hot and suggestive pictures of yourself, and send them to both your partner and his best friend, with an invitation for both of them to come over and gang bang you after spanking you incessantly for 20 minutes and calling you a naughty, nasty slut.  Make sure they spank you until you are all wet, and suggest that they do each other too.  Beg them both to do this to you.   And I mean BEG! I think they will come around and take advantage of your offer, especially if  you tell them you are a closet lesbian.

That is the advice for today!   Eddi !

Another Real Life Eddi Haskell!

Enrico Genosse of VKC Kennels is the creator of our famous German Shepherd Albert and our four other dogs. He is the most innovative and best animal modeler in Second Life, and his dogs are amazing creations.

Our other dogs  besides Albert are:

Boris the Rottweiler
Betsy the Chow
Godiva the Old English Sheepdog
Simon the Doberman

Our dogs are wonderful and intelligent (except for Betsy, but she's cute), have unique personalities, and are a great Second Life pleasure.  I urge you to go to VKC and check out the cute doggies for adoption.
When I contacted him to tell him that Albert had a blog, he told me that his real life dog was named Eddy Haskell!   Eddy is also named after the television personality of the same name from the classic TV show "Leave it to Beaver".

Here is the SLURL to VKC (Virtual Kennel Club) on Turning Isle  Make sure to check it out and play with all the cute pups!  You can pet them by touchng them and selecting the pet option.