Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warning. Please be careful with your real life information.

I received some information today that I am trying to find out more about. PLEASE be careful with whom you release any real life information to.  All I was told is that there have been some problems with real life information being used inappropriately in the past week and causing some problems for some people.  That is all I have heard.

Do not release your real life name, address, age, or ANYTHING that can be linked together to identify yourself. Be very careful of blog comments, every comment can be tracked back to a specific location using Statcounter Software.

I do not know if this was an isolated comment but security is very important in Second Life, and has become somewhat of an issue lately. A good rule to follow is this- if someone asks for some information on you, don't tell them.  This includes people who want to know your exact age before they "get to know you better". And be very very careful about who you release any information to, and NEVER do this in public chat.  Listening devices which record chat are everywhere.

I do not mean to alarm, but I want to raise this caution with all my readers. And I do mean to warn. It is simply incredible what information is out there on the web about you AND your family.

Thanks for listening, Eddi.

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