Friday, October 2, 2009

Using Easten Exposure in Advanced Sky Editor for Lighting Effects

I am posting this series of photos for two reasons.

First, I wanted to show you my new gallery under construction in Zindra on the Museum of Sex Furniture parcel.  We are adding on to it and I will have more photos to show you once Jago Constantine the  master builder finishes this weekend.I am using the "Fine Day" setting in advanced sky editor to get this effect (found at the bottom of your world tab).

Second, I want to show you why you should not be using artificial face lights in your photography shots, weird expensive lights and other nonsense when you have the very best lighting tool available to you in Second Life for free. It is your light editor, which comes up as an option in advanced sky settings. All you have to do is move the tab called eastern exposure to get the effect you want.

Here is what a photo looks like when the sun is set to the back of the setting-- darkness.  Ryce Skytower just happened to be flying around the Museum of Sex Furniture; he was looking for his hair colorist but being the airhead that he is he got lost.

Now, I readjust my eastern exposure and voila, wonderfull lighting! 

you can also play around with cloud, gamma, and other effects but you will fine the light editor your most powerful too in taking well lit photography on Second Life.

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