Monday, October 26, 2009

This Might Be the Greatest Machinima Ever Made - The House of Pippin - The End - Burning Life 2009

Lokiboy, or Loki Eliot, does wonderful machinima. This one filmed in Buring Life yesterday shows the burning of the House of Pippin.

Here is why I love this video and feel it might be the best machinima ever done (outside of something done by a major studio or with a major budget like the Blue Mars promotions, for example:

1. It has a story line.
2. It has wonderful production values, including a great audio track.
3. The filming of course (and color) are superb.
4.  It has a certain elan to it, you feel good or are entertained once you see it.  I actually imagine some children crying when the see this even though they might not know who Pippin is!

Here is what Lokiboy writes about the machnima:

"ll Burning Life week people have come to the House of Pips, met the crazy characters and had fun. Those who listened to the unfolding story only had one question to ask "Is Pippin ever going to return? will they ever find Pippin?". Well On the last day of burning life, their question was answered.......Thank you everyone who supported me through out Burning Life, i had a wonderful time Building this project and running the events :"

Lokiboy has 140 subscribers to his channel which is a good number. You can find Lokiboy's YouTube channel here:

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