Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snowglobe Versus Emerald - Emerald Is Better.

I have been testing the two main alternative viewers to the SL client- Snowglobe (open source) and Emerald.

Although Emerald is prone to crashing (especially when you take about 50 high resolution shots like I do in a short period of time), it gives many more options for photography, is feature rich, and makes for a clearer image.

At the Shampoo party on Thursday night, I photographed Sebastian String and notices that his shorts looked fuzzy.   I thought there was something wrong with the texture used on his shorts. 

My system is good, not the best, but I do have an ATI-Mibility Radeon 2600 card running on XP with 4 gigs of RAM.  It should not be doing this.

He then showed me photos he took which showed the same shorts in perfect clarity.

I relogged with Snowglobe, cleared my cache, and hoped for an improvement. There was none. 

I then relogged with Emerald and took this picture of him:

Look at how more clear his shorts look.  He has nice legs too, doesn't he? I am going to continue to test but for now Emerald is my preferred viewer.


  1. I'm on an intel imac 2.80Ghz with an nVidia 8800GS card; Emerald renders subtly nicer _if_ it renders the image but Snowglobe is less likely to freeze (and beach ball - equivalent to windows hour glass) for random periods and it's much more likely to load all textures.

  2. That has been my experience too using a more midrange ATI 2600 mobile fidelity windows XP. The new Emerald upgrades don't seem to help.

  3. Try Snowglobe again, latest version 1.2.4 is uber stable and appears to have no rendering issues, and of course, it's about 10 times quicker than any other viewer due to it's use of HTTP to get the textures! :D


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