Friday, October 30, 2009

Roger's Return to Blue Mars

Those of you who read this blog know that last month I visted the new virtual world of Blue Mars, created a rather juvenile looking avatar named Roger (everyone looks about 15 in Blue Mars), and started exploring.  I also begam taking a few photographs of the place for my gallery in Second Life.

I returned last night.  I posted some new photographs here yesterday.  But this time, I also wanted to explore Blue Mars as a social platform and meet people!

After downloading the over the new and improved 1.3 gigabyte client (I am NOT making this up, how do they expect to get casual users for this thing?), and just as much time setting it up and restarting my overtaxed laptop (you really need a 512k graphics card, mine is 256k to use this right, and probably 6 gigs of RAM, I run XP and have 3),  Roger returned.

For one thing the place certainly looked crowded!  Although I returned as a dishwater brown tween, and not the hot blond I was before, there were lots of people!

I then wanted to know where the clubs were since JC has not yet published a gay club directory for the place.

I then realized that everyone except for two or three other avatars was a bot.  And that they looked almost exactly like me!

Bot 1916 ignored me.  Kinda like get away from me perv!

Bot 908 looked like he was ready to AR me.  I kinda thought about it and thought it might be really cool to  be the first avatar banned from Blue Mars! Oh, everyone had on this really cheap schmatahs like the tshirt above.

Some other avatars buzzed in and I started a chat session with everyone around me! And of course I had to promote Ryce's and Albert's new blogs!

I tried interviewing people but no one really wanted to talk much.  So then I started exploring New Venice which is the nicest place there and met someone cool av named Kane who is also in SL!  My first friend in Blue Mars!

Oh yah I managed to figure out how to get my Blond Hair back.

So there you have it my Second Day as Roger in Blue Mars!

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