Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pillow Talk Premiered 50 Years Ago Today! Classic Rock Hudson.

Pillow Talk, one of  the greatest romantic comedies of all time, premiered 50 years ago today. It is the penultimate Doris Day / Rock Hudson movie, and fueled the fantasies of millions of women (and  men) at the time.  Some critics have called it the ultimate WASP love story.

Rock Hudson, at the age of 34,  is ridiculously handsome in this movie; the only movie which I think he is more handsome is the movie Giant. (You must see the Texas-epic Giant if you have not-- it stars, in addition to Hudson, two other gorgeous 1950's gay actors who met tragic early death-, James Dean and Sal Mineo, and Elizabeth Taylor who it was announced has major heart problems today). 

What is so fascinating about  this movie is that Rock Hudson- a gay man in real life portrays a straight man who acts like a gay man to get Doris Day. This was never spoken about of course, but implied. This is what Tony Randall said to him in the movie about how to do this --  which was considered a bit out're for it's time
(to think that gay guys are all into cooking recipes, gossip, and devoted to their mothers - what a stereotype! Might as well add sarcasm to THAT list!).

The next segment shows Rock Hudson taking the advice and teasing Doris Day while they are both taking baths  I find this scene sexy without being graphic.

Rock Hudson and Doris Day became great friends of course, and she supported him throughout his tragic battle with AIDS. Doris Day is now a recluse living outside of Carmel California.

The 2003 movie Down With Love starring Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor is inspired based by this movie. 

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