Monday, October 5, 2009

My new gallery is nearing completion!

Here is my new gallery and it is nearing completion!  I finished the Bea Arthur Memorial Fountain last night, which you can see in the center of the staircase. Bea Arthur, Dorothy of the Golden Girls, was a gay icon and is missed by all of us. The least I can do is create a monument to her in Second Life!

What you might not know about Bea Arthur is that she is had donated a large part of her estate the the Ali Forney Center in New York, which is housing homeless lesbian, gay, and transgender youth and providing other social services keeping many of these children off the streets and away from prostitution which is the only means they have to support themselves. I am now adding this organization to my fund-raising activities in SL and will see if we can get some fundraisers going similar to what has been done for the Bread and Jams homeless shelter in Second Life. What a fitting tribute to Dorothy!  I will be setting up a collections kiosk by this bridge shortly.

Now getting back to gallery. You can see three dogs in the picture- Simon, the Doberman, Boris, the Rottwieller who misses Surfboy Wollongong she has no one to push into the pool, and Albert, the German Shepherd and the world's gayest dog (you have to meet him to appreciate it). 

I am a very precise builder and line up all my parts mathematically to grid coordinates so it took 15 hours to complete. (and I have the nerve to call my partner anal retentive due to the way he catalogs and shows all this sex furniture on display at the museum next door).Jago is procrastinating a bit in finishing the gallery for me, he was off 'learning how to use some role play weapons" this weekend and did not finish things-- just like my real dad when I was growing up!  Once I move in I am planning a grand opening something or other, so please stay tuned.

To Donate to the Ali Forney Center: Link to Site

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