Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Men on a Mission - 2010 Preview of Hot Shirtless Mormon Guys

I can't believe these hot Mormon guys get away with it. These have to be some of the most homo-erotic poses I have ever seen. Isn't this promo video just so camp?

BTW Eric Turner from the 2009 Calendar is Yummy-licous!  I can just picture SL's cutest Utah-based DJ creaming in his pants right now after looking at all these photos!

Here is Eric now after getting a modeling gig with photographer Carlos Arias (make sure to check out his web site for hot male images).   He looks like he's ready to get an upside - down Bacon Jack sandwich, doesn't he?

A percent of the hot Mormon Guy calendar goes to charity.  You can order Men on a Mission Calendar  here:  http://menonamissioncalendar.com/

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  1. Oh Eddi, Eric Turner and I go wayyyy back. We went on a mission of our own. :P


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