Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just how did I take those Blue Mars pictures? Sometimes you need a screenscaper.

The definitions of a screenscraper may vary, but for my purposes now, it is a program that can be used to collect graphical information from your humanly visible interface (your computer screen) for future use by another program.

In short, it copies information that you look at.

Several people have asked me how I managed to photograph Blue Mars even though this virtual world does not have a photographic interface like SL does.

The answer is simple. I used a screenscraper.There is a free one that I like avaialable from Wisdomsoft. it is very easy to use.

You can use this for rapid recording of any SL acitivies without having to set up a snapshot, or anything else for that matter.

Although the quality will not be as good as using the native SL photographic interface, it will come in handy for when you need to photograph things quckly.

Here is the link for the free version that will work just fine for most purposes:

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