Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hub's Really Nice House For Rent on a Gay Sim

I just saw that Hubs Howlett has this amazing house for rent on his all-gay SOFEA sim so contact him if you want to rent it!  It looked really cool.

From Hubs:

Well, I'm continuing in the late 1960's chic here... and if there's anything to say about this house, it's that the view is as good as it gets.

I can't thank enough Drew and PillowPrince (both great furniture designers and proud owner of D&P Furniture ) who have furnished the whole place in a way I would have never managed! As for the other house, the furniture is included in the rental price (but can be remove if you want to keep your own... mind you, that would be a pitty).

The house is located on the edge of the sime, and, as the other houses on Sofea, it offers one thing: complete privacy, quieteness... and your own lil' dungeon. (hint: on the main floor, look for a trap under the stairs!)

The house might not seem huge at first... but it does come lots of nice feature (check out what's below the trap door under the stairs, hehe!). Mind you, it's stuff with sex equipment (from yours truly) and that combined with the furniture would worth about L$10,000 at the retail price... so, ain't that bad, is it?

The price? Well, again, it's a tough decision. The sim and the adjacent open sim aren't finished, so I'm not charging as much as I really should to break even with the tier. However, the three first houses went within minutes, and it seems that something in the order of L$1800 a week sounds about right - but I'm okay to negociate (and will give away a week free if you rent it for a full month). So, well, go and have a look.... if you really like it, we can discuss that - I'm easy.

And even if you're not interested in renting it... well, have a look anyway! hehe
Here is the SLURL if you want to look at the house:

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