Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from Beverly Hills 90210! My How Times Have Changed!

My fave television show in 1991 was Beverly Hills 90210 (OK shoot me now). I was looking for the perfect video to put up here for the holiday, but I stumbled across this. Blond Kelley (the female inspiration for my alt Ryce Skytower) is dressed in a sexy witch's outfit and gets called out by Brenda for looking like a slut and attracting the wrong kind of guy.  College boys might pay the wrong "kind of attention" to her ( Doesn't it sound like a hot fantasy btw?).  Kelly learns her lesson t and almost gets raped later in the episode.

Now, this is dressed slutty?  It's 2009 and  girls at the age of 12 wear outfits like this to the mall.   She's not even showing nipple!

If you want to catch more of this classic Halloween episode you can see it here with commercials:   Young Jason Priestley, with his monster wiener hiding in his pants, is still a turn on.


  1. Beverly hills is one of my favorite and i think most popular tv show and all the 10 seasons of beverly hills are awesome.

  2. All the season of Beverly Hills are awesome but season 7 and season 8 are my favorite.i have already download Beverly Hills these seasons.

  3. beverly hills i love this show and i like this story

  4. All the season of Beverly hills are so nice but season 9 and season10 is also my favorite. I see this season again and again.

  5. I like this show so much.



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