Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 50Th Birthday Fergie!

Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie, the Duchess of York, and former wife of Prince Charles; younger brother Prince Andrew, turns 50 today.  A milestone for a very wonderul lady.

I love Fergie. She was way too honest to ever have been a royal.

I have a favorite story that i read. Once, in the 80's she attended a very ritzy Manhattan dinner party, and badboy novelist Norman Mailer was there. His movie, "Tough Guys Don't Dance", based on his novel, was just released. Fergie asked him what his book was about. He was a bit drunk and said one word. "pu _ sy".
Fergie, without missing a blink, then said this "Mr. Mailer. What is so terribly amusing for me right now is to look at all the faces in the room reacting to that comment!".

And being the royalist that I am I just had to show this video from the 1986 Royal Wedding.

Fergie and Prince Andrew had a messy divorce in 1996 - due to some photograph of her having her toes sucked by her 'financial adviser" as her royal children were watching. But she and Andrew continued to live and be seen together (in a platonic relationship I suspect). According to some sources, Prince Andrew proposed remarriage several times; her response was "not with your family". She has been readmitted into royal circles though; one report is that the Queen actually has brought up the subject of remarriage last year.

Fergie did not have the clout (or steel nerve)of her sister-in-law, Princess Diana, in negotiating a good divorce settlement for herself. She was left with a huge debt in a divorce that was imposed by Buckingham Palace (Fergie and Prince Andrew had a very open relationship to say the least, Prince Andrew is reportedly quite bisexual). She paid off her debts by by doing things like television commercials for Weight Watchers. If it were me in her position, I would have had a book written exposing the inside dirt on the Royal Family and asked for a good 10 million in order to have it not published.

Fergie continues to work with the media, and has started an important charity trust, the Sarah Ferguson Foundation.

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