Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Reason to use the Emerald Viewer - The Avatar Console

The Greenlife Emerald Viewer by Modular Systems is currently sweeping Second Life, go to any event and around 25% of the residents on average are using it.

I like the Emerald Viewer for the photography effects.  It has about 50 alternative sky editors.  I've written about this  here over the past month.

Sep 21

But there is another huge reason to use the Emerald Viewer. Its the free super -featured radar.  You can pull up an avatar console which lets you know who is in the Sim with you, how old they are, their key numbers, and even if they are a fellow Emerald user. I did this screen shot to show you this feature.

There are other cool features such as teleport history that are only found in ad-on tools such as the Mystic Hud. I am still learning how to use all of these and will get back to you here.

This is an amazing product . You can download it here.  I must warn you, it is prone to crashes

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