Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Amazing Video- Disney's Fantasia set to the end of Parsifal.

 I was cruising YouTube for some short MP3 downloads for my photo montage videos (you can convert sound from any YouTube video to an MP3 with this free software) and I stumbled across this video. Someone set the Ava Maria portion of Disney's original Fantasia to the end of my favorite Opera - Richard Wagner's Parsifal. 

I will give a quick synopsis of the ending . By the way, although Parsifal, one of the most heavy Opera's ever written lasts five hours with two breaks, the music is so beautiful and powerful it can change your entire life.  It helps if you have a nice slice of spacecake  like I did the last time I saw it in Amsterdam.

The opera opens.  Parsifal is a total idiot. He stumbles across one of the Knights of the Holy Grail  in the middle ages one day after he kills a sacred swan, a total no-no.  This one knight, Titurel, thinks he is a moron complete, and takes him to meet the king of all the knights, Amfortas. This knight, Titurel,  thinks that Parsifal  might be the savior they have been wating for, since their legend says that the savior will be a divine fool, sort of like French Stewart from one of my fave comedies, Third Rock From The Sun.

Seems that Amfortas  has a wound from a magical sword that wont heal.   He has decided not to unveil the Holy Grail to anyone cause of his crap mood. (they did not have Prozac back then).  Only the savior can heal him.  But Parsifal is useless at first. They tell him to get lost. Turns out Parsifal really is the savior, and he comes back after defeating an evil witch and heals Amfortas'es wound on Good Friday (the music from the Opera for Good Friday is amazing btw).  This is when this video begins. Amfortas says Parsifal the savior, eveyrone is happy, and Amfortas unveils the Holy Grail.  A dove then flies out of the grail (they use lighting effects these days) to symbolize the Holy Spirit and the opera ends on a high note.

Here is the video.  Its cool.

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