Monday, October 19, 2009

Albert Our German Shepherd Becomes Even More Famous!

Albert,  our Ketamine-fueled German Shepherd (he sure acts like it) is even more famous. First, he was featured in Brenda Connolly's Accidental Avitar blog earlier this month (below).  

Now, he is in Adric Antfarm's Living on a Prim blog. I love Adric's Youtube channel.  It turns out he is a superb blogger too. I am going to add him to my favorites.

Here is Adric's post today featuring the lovely Albert being enticed by an ice cream cone.

Zooming Zindra
Feeling a little let down after the slow and less than satisfying violation and death, I was lifted a bit when I noticed I was in Zindra.    I love Zindra!    I know, you have this image of a full time obscene orgy filled land.  It's not like that at all.
See this? This is the softer side of Zindra.  I like to sit, have an ice cream cone, and sit for a bit.   This is relaxing and enables me to zoom the camera in all the stores on Route 69 without looking like I spend all my time in adult stores like the perverts.
After I am rested up and shopped out, I sometimes hit the Museum of Sex Furniture but was unable to find it today.   There was some sort of castle looking complex I did not recall.   I went over and saw the owners dogs who are normally shy (pets in Zindra have this irrational fear of…— oh never mind) but I offered them some yummy ice cream.   They weren't sure it was good for them but I assured them I knew most everything and it was fine (plus I would bring them chocolate ice cream next time which I double promised was safe). The dogs explained they redesigned to a larger layout and I was off to see for myself.   Sure enough it was still there.   Looked to be some new exhibits as well and as always the curious item like one called "Army Bunk Bed".    This designer was in a different army than I was

Keep up the good work Adric!  we are looking for more!

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