Saturday, October 24, 2009

Excellent Post in The Accidental Avatar: about the future of Second Life and Phil Rosedale's Departure

Brenda Connolly's excellent blog The Accidental Avatar asks some serious questions about the future of SL and what it means to you as it tries to grow and earn more cash.

The above photo is from her blog. 

My take:

1.  The growth of SL in three years has been highly disappointing.  It has only doubled in usership.  This is shocking for a highly publicized Web 2.0 operation (SL was ubiquitous in the worldwide press in late 2006/ early 2008.

2. SL is not alone in this.  Google's YouTube does not earn any money, virtually, and is trying to figure out to raise cash. A friend of mine in Real Life has just conducted research for them and he reports great concern about the management there about the lack of advertising, for example, for free account holders.

3. For those of us who have spoken to the highest echelons of Linden Labs about business development, the amount of "kool-aid" they were drinking seemed to increase exponentially. For example, two years ago the mantra 'why should we try to regulate ANYTHING here, this is a microcosm of the real world' has us shaking out heads.

4. Get ready for more tie -ins with major corporations and lord forbid, advertising, for those who do not have premium accounts. Just wait!

Here is Brenda's post.  Make sure to read it.

The Accidental Avatar: Where We've Been...and Where Are We Going?

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