Monday, October 26, 2009

50,000 You Tube Hits as of Last Night.

I started my own YouTube Channel in July 2008.  As of last night, I  broke 50,000 YouTube views for my videos. That works out to an average of about 100 views per days. I am now up to about 200 on an average day (below). In addition, I have 49 subscribers around the world.  I have uploaded around 78 videos, or an average of a bit over one a week since I have started.

 That one daily spike is from a major Chinese web site picking up my video one day.

I have two caveats:

1. About 40% of my views are from videos that have nothing to do at all with Second Life. In fact, over 30% of my views are coming from one royal video I made on Queen Mary, the very regal and campy Queen of England who is the current queen's grandmother.  I have royal followers all around the world. They have absolutely no idea that Eddi is an avatar I would guess. I have also done videos on the Queen Mum and Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, and my two colleges, the University of Michigan and University of Maryland.

I don't care if Eddi IS an avatar, he will bow to us just like any other subject!

Now, I am not suffering from the inability to separate real life from Second Life -- I just was too lazy to set up a separate channel. However, when I notified Dan Mote (below),  the President of the University of Maryland about my video, his famous line to me was "Nice, but who is Eddi Haskell and why is he posting your You Tube videos?". When  I told him Eddi was my avatar, he must of thought I was nuts (no comments please).

Is Eddi Haskell nuts?

2. I assume these numbers contain my own hits of my own videos, but I am not sure, because "unique users" is about as high as "total views".

But it is still great to have all these hits- after all, when it comes to hits and viewership of my blogs and videos, size is all that matters as far as I'm concerned.

All the best, Eddi.

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