Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happly Halloween from Eddi!

The black cat is me.  It's a zooby avatar.

Jordyn Carnell's Giant Weiner Wish Comes True! Read All About it Over At Midcourt!

It seems JC found a magic genie bottle. The only problem is that JC needs to learn how to make a proper wish! Read all about it over at his MIDCOURT blog!

Happy Halloween from Beverly Hills 90210! My How Times Have Changed!

My fave television show in 1991 was Beverly Hills 90210 (OK shoot me now). I was looking for the perfect video to put up here for the holiday, but I stumbled across this. Blond Kelley (the female inspiration for my alt Ryce Skytower) is dressed in a sexy witch's outfit and gets called out by Brenda for looking like a slut and attracting the wrong kind of guy.  College boys might pay the wrong "kind of attention" to her ( Doesn't it sound like a hot fantasy btw?).  Kelly learns her lesson t and almost gets raped later in the episode.

Now, this is dressed slutty?  It's 2009 and  girls at the age of 12 wear outfits like this to the mall.   She's not even showing nipple!

If you want to catch more of this classic Halloween episode you can see it here with commercials:   Young Jason Priestley, with his monster wiener hiding in his pants, is still a turn on.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Special Event at Tadd's Tomorrow Night

SLURL to Tadds:

Second Pride Halloween Weekend Begins Tonight.

The Second Pride 2010 team has done it again. Another fabulous fundraising event. For the month of October the team decided to be very creative and designed an exact replica of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Ride. But not only is there the Mansion Ride there are some wicked parties lined up in the Second Pride torture chamber.

Second Pride 2010 is bringing you 4 heart pounding events starting off with Spooktacular, sponsored by A Women’s Touch, followed by Dead Celebrities, sponsored by Club Envy on Fri. Events are at 1pm SLT and 7pm SLT. Contests at both events.

Then starting Saturday Second Pride stirs things up once again starting at noon with Most Tortured Soul, sponsored by Ironworks, followed by Devilishly Naughty at 7pm SLT, sponsored by FIERCE Nightclub. Contests at both events plus a 15 minute floorshow.

Featuring DJ’s Lynnee Dagger, Jennifer Python, DJ Wes, Queen Edman, MjShotboy, and DJ Azu Catteneo

All funds raised at these events will go directly to support Amnesty International’s LGBT initiatives project.

New You Tube From Eddi- Sherrie Shepherd Sings at the Moulin Rouge

After her amazing rendition of "La Vie En Rose" at Second Life's Rose Theater, Sherrie Shephed has opened at the Moulin Rouge with a performance of 'Non je ne regrette rien".

Roger's Return to Blue Mars

Those of you who read this blog know that last month I visted the new virtual world of Blue Mars, created a rather juvenile looking avatar named Roger (everyone looks about 15 in Blue Mars), and started exploring.  I also begam taking a few photographs of the place for my gallery in Second Life.

I returned last night.  I posted some new photographs here yesterday.  But this time, I also wanted to explore Blue Mars as a social platform and meet people!

After downloading the over the new and improved 1.3 gigabyte client (I am NOT making this up, how do they expect to get casual users for this thing?), and just as much time setting it up and restarting my overtaxed laptop (you really need a 512k graphics card, mine is 256k to use this right, and probably 6 gigs of RAM, I run XP and have 3),  Roger returned.

For one thing the place certainly looked crowded!  Although I returned as a dishwater brown tween, and not the hot blond I was before, there were lots of people!

I then wanted to know where the clubs were since JC has not yet published a gay club directory for the place.

I then realized that everyone except for two or three other avatars was a bot.  And that they looked almost exactly like me!

Bot 1916 ignored me.  Kinda like get away from me perv!

Bot 908 looked like he was ready to AR me.  I kinda thought about it and thought it might be really cool to  be the first avatar banned from Blue Mars! Oh, everyone had on this really cheap schmatahs like the tshirt above.

Some other avatars buzzed in and I started a chat session with everyone around me! And of course I had to promote Ryce's and Albert's new blogs!

I tried interviewing people but no one really wanted to talk much.  So then I started exploring New Venice which is the nicest place there and met someone cool av named Kane who is also in SL!  My first friend in Blue Mars!

Oh yah I managed to figure out how to get my Blond Hair back.

So there you have it my Second Day as Roger in Blue Mars!

Albert has his own blog!

Albert our dog got jealous of my alt, Ryce Skytower, who now has his own blog, Confessions of an Airhead.

So now Albert has his own blog!

The blog is posting Albert's first cinematic release in which he stars in a XXX-rated flick with none other than those Gorgeous Hunks Jared Coleman and Kane Maruti!  Make sure to check out Albert's blog now. (Warning: Content should not be seen by anyone under 18, dogs, or anyone who thinks Sarah Palin would make a good President of the United States).


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photos from My Return to Blue Mars Tonight - of New Venics

More to follow-- but I am impressed.

Gorgeous Trae Westland

Trae came visiting and we took these shots over the weekend. The music is Chris Isaak singing Blue Moon. There is something about his voice which goes with this video. Sometimes photographs show the personality of the individual well. Trae is open and honest, and  very polite, and I think this shows through.

For more pictures of Trae and over 180 other beautful men see my other publication Most Beautiful SL Men.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eddi tells It likes it Is! Make sure to read this.

There is a very heated discussion on Joe's blog, the number 1 gay political blog about Senator Joe Lieberman. Seems the jerk is trying to stop the health care bill.

Yours truly has pointed out that many of the people he knows in Connecticut have voted for Lieberman but now want him out of office and has been called all sorts of things by the reader of that blog today.

Well fellow avatars, I am telling it like it is!

Photo of the day- Saki and Eddi in the airship

Saki is jealous that Albert keeps on getting all the attention.  She told me she wanted to be in the blog today.

Isnt this one of the worst shit-eating grins youve ever seen?

This Halloween Carousel Ride will be up through 10/31

This cool Halloween Carousel ride will be up at The Eddi Haskell Gallery through October 31. Its relaxing and you are welcome to hang out. While your at it check out Jago's Museum of Sex Furniture which is there too. I have the following exhibitions going on at my gallery:

- Blue Mars (in sky gallery)
-Rose Theater (in sky gallery)
-Beautiful Zindra (in sky gallery)
-Skye Castles and New Emerald Light Settings (in main gallery)

And you can play with our 5 dogs.



The social event of the season is next Friday.

Four hours of partying from 6-10 PM.

L$ 5,000 cash prize for best in white. Look Hot!

Other prizes will be awarded throughout the evening.

At Tadd's Cabaret.

This is not only the social event of the fall.  This is an event to build awareness for, an organziation which helps homeless people in the Boston area which I volunteer for. Through our efforts here is Second life, we have raised over two and one half million linden to help feed and house families.

I am helping with publicity and promotion activities for the event.

More information will follow!

yes that is Jago on the invitation.

Is Second Life a Business Application?

Check out JC's Midcourt for a discussion of this issue, a video from the web 2.0 summit, and a diatribe from me on the subject, which I also publish here.

Here is my comment on  this subject:

The problem with SL as a “business platform” is one of sheer overhype. Back in late 2006 when the SL Hype began, Business Week ran an infamous article on how Second life would trigger multiple-billions in sales as literally every major corporation and media outlet would set up shop. Automobiles (Scion), computers (the now bankrupt Circuit City), Levis, you name it all rushed in before they realized that SL was being overhyped in terms of what people would buy.

The most successful corporation in SL was IBM which found that it was a superb vehicle for cross-company collaboration. IBM held meetings in SL, broadcast conferences, and even made creating an avatar necessary for employees in certain departments. IBM has since moved many of its efforts (guess what? due to security) to its own world mitigated by linden technology. In fact, this is a huge area of potential revenue for SL- the selling of technology and services to corporations who want their own virtual worlds.
What has hurt SL with mainstream businesses is lack of security, SL's attitude that the best regulation is no regulation (guess why there is little enforcement of TOS people-- SL wants it this way), and hallucinatory growth projections that never came true.
It is shocking that Second Life has yet to achieve regular audiences of 100,000 concurrent users. In addition, the scalability of the server base is something that is not yet guaranteed. You think SL has problems now during peak hours with the new clients? It is not going to get any better for several years. Processes need to be ironed out,

SL quickly entered the famous "trough of disillusionment" as a business platform around mid 2007 when U.S. law enforcement officials shut major gambling operations down overnight, and the SL "stock market" crashed, and banks collapsed. This led to a meltdown in real estate prices. This scared many mainstream businesses, and many started to leave.
What we are now witnessing is SL moving into the business "plateau of productivity" - slow steady growth over the next several years. However, a little birdie inside of my head is telling me that SL could very well be sold- major players such as Mitch Kapor of Lotus 123 fame might just jump at a chunk of cash from someone like Google. It seems that Google's own virtual world plans have been put it disarray lately. And I increasingly realize that it will take the highly touted Blue Mars years to play catch up in today's economy.

But yes, the vision of Virtual Worlds as a web 2.0 platform is starting to come true, and will be very noticeable in the 2015 - 2020 timeframe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Zindra Times: The Zindra Real Estate Price Crash- Plummeting Prices and More Land Planned.

Read my article and opinion in the Zindra Times

The Zindra Times: The Zindra Real Estate Price Crash- Plummeting Prices and More Land Planned.

Second Pride 2010: Make Sure to Go On the Disney Haunted House Ride Before it closes This Weekend.

Volunteers at Second Pride 2010 built this really cool virtual replica of the Disney's haunted Mansion ride on Doc Spad's sim to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ride. It is open 24 x 7 through October 31.
There will also be big parties on the weekend of October 30 and 31 at the yard in front of the house.

The ride is open 24 x 7 through October 31. You get a hud and wear it once  you get on the ride.

Thank you Doc Spad for showing me the ride and lending your land and time to make this happen and thank you everyone at Second Pride for building this amazing ride. Another reason to go is to check out Doc in his hot Marine outfit.

SLURL to Ride:

I made a Youtube video of the event so you can see how cool it is. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

This Might Be the Greatest Machinima Ever Made - The House of Pippin - The End - Burning Life 2009

Lokiboy, or Loki Eliot, does wonderful machinima. This one filmed in Buring Life yesterday shows the burning of the House of Pippin.

Here is why I love this video and feel it might be the best machinima ever done (outside of something done by a major studio or with a major budget like the Blue Mars promotions, for example:

1. It has a story line.
2. It has wonderful production values, including a great audio track.
3. The filming of course (and color) are superb.
4.  It has a certain elan to it, you feel good or are entertained once you see it.  I actually imagine some children crying when the see this even though they might not know who Pippin is!

Here is what Lokiboy writes about the machnima:

"ll Burning Life week people have come to the House of Pips, met the crazy characters and had fun. Those who listened to the unfolding story only had one question to ask "Is Pippin ever going to return? will they ever find Pippin?". Well On the last day of burning life, their question was answered.......Thank you everyone who supported me through out Burning Life, i had a wonderful time Building this project and running the events :"

Lokiboy has 140 subscribers to his channel which is a good number. You can find Lokiboy's YouTube channel here:

The Second Most Tactless Thing I Have Ever Said

Those of you who read this blog know that the most tactless thing I have ever said was when I asked a young desk clerk in Milan why there was a transvestite working with him. 

Well, I now have a good runner up.

One of the good things about my move to the United States from the UK four years ago was reconnecting with my RL extended family. I have a cousin who lives near me in Florida, and we have many family dinners at her house.

At the last dinner we had, my cousin's in-laws also came. I picked up my Mom who lives near me to go to dinner, and my Mom informed me that my cousin's father-in-law was from Jamaica!  I thought how cool!!!
We walk into my cousin's house and I realize that my new extended family is interracial!  And they are really interesting too!  

I go ahead, pretend I am smoking a joint and look at my cousin's father-in-law and take a toke and say Rasta, man!  I thought I was saluting his native country!

No one says anything. We sit down to eat and my mom proceeds to kick me hard under the table.
My cousin's father-in-law says to everyone "Eddi do you think I am from the island of Jamaica?  I am from Jamaica, Queens.

It seems that New Yorkers call the area around Kennedy airport in Queens "Jamaica". I got the two confused. It also turns out my cousin's father-in-law is a quite observant orthodox jew who probably never smoking reefer in his life.

Now, he later cornered me and told me he was cracking his head off when I did this and found it funny.  But my mother did not and still tells me to think first when I meet new relatives.

I have a third incident to report and promise to publish this one day soon.

50,000 You Tube Hits as of Last Night.

I started my own YouTube Channel in July 2008.  As of last night, I  broke 50,000 YouTube views for my videos. That works out to an average of about 100 views per days. I am now up to about 200 on an average day (below). In addition, I have 49 subscribers around the world.  I have uploaded around 78 videos, or an average of a bit over one a week since I have started.

 That one daily spike is from a major Chinese web site picking up my video one day.

I have two caveats:

1. About 40% of my views are from videos that have nothing to do at all with Second Life. In fact, over 30% of my views are coming from one royal video I made on Queen Mary, the very regal and campy Queen of England who is the current queen's grandmother.  I have royal followers all around the world. They have absolutely no idea that Eddi is an avatar I would guess. I have also done videos on the Queen Mum and Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, and my two colleges, the University of Michigan and University of Maryland.

I don't care if Eddi IS an avatar, he will bow to us just like any other subject!

Now, I am not suffering from the inability to separate real life from Second Life -- I just was too lazy to set up a separate channel. However, when I notified Dan Mote (below),  the President of the University of Maryland about my video, his famous line to me was "Nice, but who is Eddi Haskell and why is he posting your You Tube videos?". When  I told him Eddi was my avatar, he must of thought I was nuts (no comments please).

Is Eddi Haskell nuts?

2. I assume these numbers contain my own hits of my own videos, but I am not sure, because "unique users" is about as high as "total views".

But it is still great to have all these hits- after all, when it comes to hits and viewership of my blogs and videos, size is all that matters as far as I'm concerned.

All the best, Eddi.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

is Zindra Right For Me? Filmed at the Eddi Haskell Gallery and Museum of Sex Furniture in Zindra.

Here is part 2 of Adric Antfarm's movie "If Zindra is Right For Me". Filmed at the Eddi Haskell Gallery and Museum of Sex Furniture in Zindra, Adric weaves in Leitmotifs from modern America, invoking cultural references from Pat Robertson's 700 club and other sado-masochistic media. Its a must see.  In this episode, Church Lady  becomes a true Zindran!

You can see part 1 here on YouTube. 

Adric's other Zindra videos can be found on his channel on YouTube.

Eddi Haskell Photo of the day- Alexi Fromund

Black and white photography can really have nice effects.

To see more of Alexi's photo shoot please see today's posting in Just Beautiful SL Men.

Katy Perry Turns 25 Today

Happy birthday Katy. Kisses from Eddi. Here's the video that made many straight and bi boys hard for a long, long time!

Is Ryce Skytower Making a Switch?

Check it out in today's Confessions of an Airhead!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Albert has a job!

Our German Shepherd Albert  has been selected to replace the MGM Lion.  Cool huh?  He is a gorgeous dog!