Monday, July 6, 2009

What Do 40,000 Unique Hits Look Like? A Thank-You from Jago and Eddi

This is Michie Stadium, where the United States Military Academy plays football- at West Point, New York. It holds 40,000 people. I am showing the American flag in honor of the end of Independence Day weekend.

Earlier today, the combined unique hits in the blogs that Jago and I publish exceeded 40,000 for the 27 weeks of 2009.

Our two biggest blogs are this one- and The Zindra Times, formerly Sex Aficionado.

In addition, we have been seen in over 100 countries this year.

Note, we are not commercial, do not sell ads, and are doing this to have fun, but we are both surprised by all the people who are reading what we write. Thanks again for your readership!

Jago Constantine
Eddi Haskell

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