Friday, July 3, 2009

Two Important Developments for Gay Rights Around the World

Members of India's gay community in Bangalore celebrate the New Delhi High Court ruling decriminalizing gay sex on July 2, 2009

First, for the first time in India, home of 1/6 of the world's population with over 1.1 billion people, homosexuality, a punishable offense, has been decriminalized in the nation's capital district of New Dehhi by that nation's supreme court. This is seen as a forerunner for full decriminalization in India at a future date.

Second, the leader of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, David Cameron, has formally apologized for the notoriously anti-gay Proposition 28 legislation which was backed by his homophobic predecessor Conservative party leader, Margaret Thatcher. This law banned positive portrayals (or any teaching about) homosexuality in British schools until it was overturned in 2003. Mr. Cameron, who will probably be the next Prime Minister of the U.K. has also said that the first gay Prime Minister of the U.K (well, open about it) will most likely come from the Conservative Party It is good to see that the party which I support in the UK and vote for has come to its senses.

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