Monday, July 6, 2009

Photo of the Day - Shadows in Mosh

Here are my first forays into shadows.

Note, in order to do this you have to set everything at ultra in graphics and make sure the following are set to true in advanced debug settings:

renderuse FBP

rednder deferred


I used snowglobe, the new browser. It seemed to be a bit more stable.

I also played around with advanced sky editor to get these effects (Barcelona, Fine Day)

I was not able to do anything in saving these images but use a screen saver application (I used Wisdomsoft, it is a free download).

I did no processing other than cropping, and I this is an experiment- it is not up to my usual standards.

I do not have a high end workstation, I have an HP laptop with a midrange graphics card.

I went back to Kama to photograph the river in Zindra outside the building in Mosh.

It does look a bit more realistic.

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