Thursday, July 30, 2009

The latest addition to our family!

I surprised Jago with a new addition to our family last night! Godiva the VKC kennel English Sheepdog. Shes a cutie.

Our family of 7 consists of Jago and myself, two male dogs, and three bitches (no comments please).

The dogs are (from the left) :

Three Bitches-

Betsy the Chow

our latest addition, Godiva the English Sheepdog

and Boris the Rottweiler (who is actually a female- she is named after a Vice President at my former employer- her name is an acronym which stands for BREASTS OPTIMIZE RESEARCH INFLUENCE SIGNIFICANTLY, or BORIS. BORIS can also stand for BUTT OUT of my RESEARCH agenda you IGNORANT SLUT.

and two male dogs-

Simon the Doberman

and Albert the German Shepherd who acts like he is on ketamine most of the time.


There is another family member, Nelson the horse, but he is not allowed indoors.

I am not allowed to get any more dogs, so I will have to pass on that cute Bichon Frise.

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