Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm running club opening information on this blog. Here is what you have to do to get listed:

The perfect little brown nipples of Virtual Reality

Although I said I would no longer being doing this, I have decided to run Club Opening information on this blog for all new clubs on the LGBT scene in Second Life.

If you move your club to a new location, that is called an opening too. I am not running listings for special events, just openings. The reason is that it is a huge amount of work to handle all of these, and i need to have time for fun in SL!

Here is what you have to go if you want me to write about your opening. It sounds strict- but I have to go things this way to be able to spend time inworld enjoying Second Life.

Please do not send me any information in IM. I need information this way.

--- Send me a folder inworld marked with the name of your club and opening after it. Please include:

one full perm texture file (it must be full perm or I cannot do anything with this). Please do not send me more than one of these.

one notecard with a short description of your opening No more than 100 words. Note if you submit an entire story, I can't run this. I reserve the right to edit all information you send me without showing you the edits beforehand.

thanks for your help!

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