Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4 Everyone!

In honor of the 233 Birthday of the USA. A 1942 wartime version of the Star Spangled Banner. And before you say "damn Americans try to take over the entire world", 1942 was a very different time - when the USA as the arsenal of democracy was supplying weapons and food to Russia, Britain, and other countries for the fight against fascism. And, in 1942, it was not clear which side would ultimately win or lose. Hence the salute to the military. It was commonplace to play the Star Spangled Banner in movie theaters and other public places then, and you had to stand at attention when it was played.

And how can I not show Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful on independence day?

I am actually a dual citizen of the UK and the USA. One British joke goes like this- when asked by an American if they celebrate the Fourth of July in the UK, the snooty Brit said "Yes we do! We call it Thanksgiving!"

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