Friday, July 17, 2009

At Home With The Family

This touching shot of my immediate Second Life family shows (from left to right) Jago Constantine, my partner, and our dogs- Albert the German Shepherd who behaves as if he is Ketamine half the time, Betsy the Chow who is the stupidest one of the four but the sweetest, Simon the Doberman who is very smart but dependent upon me, and my first dog, Boris the Doberman who is actually named after a female Vice President at a former employer who I could not tolerate (her name is an acronym - Breasts Optimize Research Influence Significantly). Isn't this a touching Kodak moment? The picture is taken at my new outdoor art gallery which will open on Saturday July 25 along with the new Museum of Sex Furniture.

The dogs have been adopted from VKC Kennels over the past two years and really are a treat, they each have their own personalities and are total characters.

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