Friday, July 31, 2009

Making Friends through Social Networking

I just left this comment to that entry on Joe's blog.

And by the way- if you are an Aussie make sure to get to a rally tomorrow to support same Sex Marriage!

The Ad for the Museum of Sex Furniture I decided NOT to use

It's a bit too kinky for mainstream VR Style Magazine, don't you think?
And the taste is questionable overall. That model looks WAY too eager!

Photo of the Day- The Forbidden City in Beijing

I took this picture of a Pagoda in the Forbidden City in Second Life. Designer Avery Webb did a great job in using low prim techniques to build this on nearly two sims, please visit it is uncertain how long it will stay up.

This was a proposed cover for the August issue of VR Style. We used another approach instead. The image is highly exposed and converted to two color to get this effect.

The August issue will be out shortly. I also produced a YouTube montage which I will post here this weekend.

A New Video About Jago Constantine by Eddi

I've never done a straight-though photomontage of my portrait photography of my partner Jago Constantine so here it finally is. The music is by Bjork.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's What's In Back That Counts- A New Video by Eddi

I decided to make this video about my backside since it is the part of me that many people seem to remember the most. The music is Simon and Garfunkel's mellow tune Feeling Groovy.

Bobo Denver and Kev Madfes Wedding Video by Eddi

My friends Bobo Denver from Canada and Kev Madfes from Germany got married yesterday on Thunder Island. These guys are very much in love, and it was a lovely wedding. Thunder Island is a gorgeous venue, and if you want to rent it for a wedding, contact Vanyel Gazov- there is a wedding pavilion, a place to hold a party outdoors, a club--- very nice and very unstuffy.

I made this video- which is actually a photomontage (which i prefer to Second Life machinimas since they are so much richer in terms of depth and color), to a series of photos I took at the wedding.

I decided to come out with a special wedding package-

I will take up to two hours of photos, at least 50 of them for your wedding or event, produce a similar video for your wedding to music that you select (assuming I can get an MP3 file of it), and host it on my You Tube channel either as a public or private video for you for L$ 5,000. Since I am looking at over five hours of work here, and a video alone can cost $10,000 and more up, I think it is a pretty good deal! Please contact me inworld if you are interested.

I will also through in one special conversion of your favorite wedding photo like the one above. This can take another hour for me to do.

Eddi Haskell's wedding photgraphy and video package; L$ 5,000.

The latest addition to our family!

I surprised Jago with a new addition to our family last night! Godiva the VKC kennel English Sheepdog. Shes a cutie.

Our family of 7 consists of Jago and myself, two male dogs, and three bitches (no comments please).

The dogs are (from the left) :

Three Bitches-

Betsy the Chow

our latest addition, Godiva the English Sheepdog

and Boris the Rottweiler (who is actually a female- she is named after a Vice President at my former employer- her name is an acronym which stands for BREASTS OPTIMIZE RESEARCH INFLUENCE SIGNIFICANTLY, or BORIS. BORIS can also stand for BUTT OUT of my RESEARCH agenda you IGNORANT SLUT.

and two male dogs-

Simon the Doberman

and Albert the German Shepherd who acts like he is on ketamine most of the time.


There is another family member, Nelson the horse, but he is not allowed indoors.

I am not allowed to get any more dogs, so I will have to pass on that cute Bichon Frise.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zindra's Hot Dog Furniture- A new video by Adric Antfarm

Insightful Second Life filmmaker Adric Antfarm did a second video on the opening of the Museum of Sex Furniture on Uxert Sim in Zindra this past Saturday July 25. Albert, our German Shepherd who appears to be on ketamine most of the time is featured towards the end of this video.

It is good to know that the Museum of Sex Furniture has so much media coverage. In fact, I think the last Museum to get this much coverage was the new Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.

I really missed the Oscar Meyer Weiner song, and like it in this video!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New blog from Brendan Tsarchon- Hitchhiker's Guide to the SLverse

Brendan Tsarchon has put together the makings of a great SL blog with his new Hitchhiker's Guide to the SLverse.

One of his first major features is an excellent review of The Museum of Sex Furniture which Jago and I opened in Zindra this past Saturday. Please make sure to take a look at this great blog!

Win 10,000 Linden in Prizes! Announing a competition to design the new flag of Zindra

Link to more information and the official entry form can be found here:

Photo of the Day- Divos Titanium

I took this photo of Divos Titanium yesterday at Club Thunder, I just like his postion and the lighting- he looks great and it seems to be a perfect shot. I have more pics of him up at my Just Beautiful SL Men Blog.

More Photographs from the Opening of The Museum of Sex Furniture.

Thanks to Jordyn "JC" Carnell for these great pics of Saturday's opening!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sex Furniture Museum Grand Opening in Zindra- A Film by Adric Antfarm

Eddi Haskell, Ryce Cohen, Jago Constantine, Ashely Neva, Quagmire Juran, and Rickie Zabaleta on balcony for the MSF Opening. Photography by Raver Xeno.

My favorite You Tube filmmaker, Adric Antfram
was at the Museum of Sex Furniture opening on Saturday and did 2 videos for YouTube! The I will show the next one tomorrow Doesn't JC Jordyn Carnell look too cute being bounced off the sim wall as he tries to get into our sold out sim! Thanks again Adric!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Opening of the Museum of Sex Furniture on Zindra Was Amazing

The opening of the Museum of Sex Furniture and the new Eddi Haskell Gallery on Uxert Sim in Zindra was an incredible event yesterday. The sim was packed, and people could not get in for 45 minutes. Jago Constantine, my amazing partner, has spent six months of his Second Life working on this museum, and his efforts showed. Rice Cohen (who is a gorgeous lady) and the equally beautiful Ashely Neva from Neva Naughty Designs were the quests of honor and joined Jago, Rickie, Quagmire Juran and myself on the balcony, as Rice declared this magnificent facility formally opened. Rickie Zabaleta, did a great job as Master of Ceremonies and DJ.

i would like to thank Raver Xeno for taking these pics below of the opening).

Actor Kevin Spacey Turns 50 Today


1. Father of Invention (2010) (filming)
2. Casino Jack (2010) (post-production) .... Jack Abramoff
3. The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) (post-production) .... Larry Hooper

4. Shrink (2009) .... Henry Carter
5. Moon (2009) (voice) .... GERTY
6. Telstar (2008) .... Major Banks
7. Recount (2008) (TV) .... Ron Klain
8. 21 (2008) .... Prof. Micky Rosa
... aka 21 - The Movie (USA: promotional title)
9. Machine Child (2007) (voice)
10. Fred Claus (2007) .... Clyde
11. Superman Returns (2006) (VG) (voice) .... Lex Luthor
12. Superman Returns (2006) .... Lex Luthor
... aka Superman Returns: An IMAX 3D Experience (USA: IMAX version)
13. Edison (2005) .... Levon Wallace
... aka Edison Force (USA: DVD title)
14. Beyond the Sea (2004) .... Bobby Darin
... aka Beyond the Sea - Musik war sein Leben (Germany)
15. The Life of David Gale (2003) .... David Gale
... aka Das Leben des David Gale (Germany)
16. The United States of Leland (2003) .... Albert T. Fitzgerald
17. "Freedom: A History of Us" .... Gouvenor Morris / ... (6 episodes, 2003)
- Depression and War (2003) TV episode .... Herbert Hoover
- Liberty for All (2003) TV episode .... The Rev. Cotton Mather
- Revolution (2003) TV episode .... Gouvenor Morris
- Wake Up America (2003) TV episode .... Herman Melville
- What Is Freedom? (2003) TV episode .... Sidney Andrews
(1 more)
18. Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) .... Kevin Spacey / Famous Dr. Evil ('Austinpussy")
... aka Austin Powers: Goldmember (USA)
19. The Tower of Babble (2002) (voice) (uncredited) .... Narrator
20. The Shipping News (2001) .... Quoyle
21. K-PAX (2001) .... Prot
... aka K-PAX - Alles ist möglich (Germany)
22. Pay It Forward (2000) .... Eugene Simonet
23. Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000) .... Michael Lynch
... aka Ein ganz gewöhnlicher Dieb (Germany)

24. The Big Kahuna (1999) .... Larry Mann
25. American Beauty (1999) .... Lester Burnham
26. A Bug's Life (1998) (voice) .... Hopper
27. Hurlyburly (1998) .... Mickey
28. The Negotiator (1998) .... Lt. Chris Sabian
... aka Verhandlungssache (Germany)
29. It's Tough to Be a Bug (1998) (voice) .... Hopper
30. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) .... Jim Williams
31. L.A. Confidential (1997) .... Jack Vincennes
32. A Time to Kill (1996) .... D.A. Rufus Buckley
33. Se7en (1995) .... John Doe
34. Outbreak (1995) .... Maj. Casey Schuler
35. The Usual Suspects (1994) .... Roger 'Verbal' Kint
... aka Die üblichen Verdächtigen (Germany)
36. Swimming with Sharks (1994) .... Buddy Ackerman
... aka The Boss
... aka The Buddy Factor
37. Doomsday Gun (1994) (TV) .... Jim Price
38. The Ref (1994) .... Lloyd Chasseur
... aka Hostile Hostages
39. Iron Will (1994) .... Harry Kingsley
40. "Tribeca" .... Chris (1 episode, 1993)
- Heros Exoletus (1993) TV episode .... Chris
41. Consenting Adults (1992) .... Eddy Otis
42. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) .... John Williamson
... aka Glengarry Glen Ross (Australia)
43. "L.A. Law" .... Giles Keenan (1 episode, 1992)
- Guess Who's Coming to Murder (1992) TV episode .... Giles Keenan
44. Darrow (1991) (TV) .... Clarence Darrow
45. When You Remember Me (1990) (TV) .... Wade
46. Henry & June (1990) .... Richard Osborn
47. A Show of Force (1990) .... Frank Curtin
48. Fall from Grace (1990) (TV) .... Jim Bakker

49. Dad (1989) .... Mario
50. See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989) .... Kirgo
51. "Unsub" (1 episode, 1989)
- Clean Slate (1989) TV episode
52. Working Girl (1988) .... Bob Speck
53. Rocket Gibraltar (1988) .... Dwayne Hanson
54. "Wiseguy" .... Mel Profitt (8 episodes, 1988)
- Blood Dance (1988) TV episode .... Mel Profitt
- Squeeze (1988) TV episode .... Mel Profitt
- Not for Nothing (1988) TV episode .... Mel Profitt
- The Merchant of Death (1988) TV episode .... Mel Profitt
- Player to Be Named Now (1988) TV episode .... Mel Profitt
(3 more)
55. The Murder of Mary Phagan (1988) (TV) .... Wes Brent
56. "Crime Story" .... Senator Rourke (1 episode, 1987)
- The Senator, the Movie Star, and the Mob (1987) TV episode .... Senator Rourke
57. Long Day's Journey Into Night (1987) (TV) .... James 'Jamie' Tyrone Jr.
58. "The Equalizer" .... Detective Sgt. Cole (1 episode, 1987)
- Solo (1987) TV episode .... Detective Sgt. Cole
59. Heartburn (1986) .... Subway Thief

Happy 100th birthday Ethel Mertz!

Vivian Vance was born 100 years ago today. She died in 1979. She is best remembered as Ethel Mertz from the top rated sitcom of all time, the 1950's I Love Lucy show. Although she was billed as Lucille Ball's dowdy older sidekick she was actually only 2 years older. I think she carried the show in her own right.

I am showing one of the most famous comedy scenes of all time, The Chocolate Factory, staring Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance.

She has a short filmography:

* The Secret Fury (1950)
* The Blue Veil (1951)
* I Love Lucy (1953) (available only on the I Love Lucy The Complete Series set.)
* The Great Race (1965)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Museum of Sex Furniture Opens Tomorrow - Your VIP Invitatin

The New Eddi Haskell Gallery

Jago and I will be opening the Museum of Sex Furniture tomorrow, Saturday, July 24 at 4 PM SL time, on the new adult themed continent of Zindra. The new Eddi Haskell Gallery is located in back of the museum. A Gala Celebration with Fireworks, to be followed by a dance party. And as a reader of, you are a V.I.P.! and here is your special invitation!

I look forward to seeing you!

SLURL to Event:

Michael Richards - Kramer on Seinfeld- Turns 60 today

The best of Kramer!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everyone Loves New Jersey

From Joe's blog this morning:

Feds Arrest Half Of Jersey

Some strange is going on across the river in Jersey. This morning the feds made a massive corruption sweep and arrested the mayors of Hoboken and Secaucus, the deputy mayor of Jersey City, a state Assemblyman, several rabbis, and other politicians.

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano has been arrested by the FBI as part of a wide-reaching investigation that is swooping up dozens of people, including other politicians and rabbis, according the WNBC-TV, Hudson County Now is reporting. Jersey Journal file photoHoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, seen here with his wife and daughter at his inauguration July 1, has been arrested by the FBI, according to a TV report. The IRS is also involved, according to the report. "It appears to be a corruption related investigation but justice department and FBI spokesmen would not commenting on the details this morning,'' the report says. "Arrests and searches are underway across Jersey City, Secaucus and numerous Hudson and Bergen county locations. "In past years, New Jersey has seen more than 100 corruption-related arrests of public officials. No word on the specific charges against those being rounded up today. A press conference is expected later today.'' Others reportedly arrested are Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell and Deputy Jersey City Mayor Leona Baldini.

Questions from Eddi:

1. Were the rabbis orthodox?

2. Is anyone really surprised by this?

3. Will I be banned by this blog for leaving my obnoxious little comments?

Tinting or Sepia?

I was in the Zindra mountains today looking for a nice pristine alpine shot. I did not get one Instead I decided to play around with finishes. I used a sunset setting on flaunt.r, and a standard Sepia setting. I don't know which one I like the best but the effects are interesting.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photo of the Day: Eddi Haskell's Picture of Thunder Island in Metaverse Messenger

Fun with Blog Comments

I just love blogger social networking. It's so much fun to make comments on other blogs. I've been keeping this above board but I do get to post the little picture of myself. No wonder Jago and I will be up to 50,000 hits this year in a few weeks!

My fave place to leave comments is Joe's blog which I read all the time:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Cock Sock Party on Youtube

I never got around to posting this video, but I really like it. This past May, Ricky Zabaleta and Quagmire Juran had a cock sock party (it is just what it sounds like) on Tiger's Island, and you only wore a cock sock and danced. Jago and I went and had a great time. We are both dancing in this video.

A Cool Video Dedicated to Me! - By Adric Antarm

Adric Antfarm, my favorite YouTube film maker, was so taken with my Route 69 video that I posed here last week, that he made one giving his own unique spin on Zindra- and dedicated it to me! I love this video, and at the end, he shoots the Museum of Sex Furniture which Jago and I will formally open next Saturday in a gala celebration beginning at 4:00 PM to which you are all invited.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Perfect Gift for the Avatar who has Everything!

If you have never looked at The Urban Dictionary, they have definitions for just about everything that people actually post themselves and vote on.

For example, here is one of many definitions of Second Life that people have voted on.

A digital world where people without a first life mingle and be pathetic together in harmony. "Timmy and I play Second Life and then we watch reruns of our middle school graduation while masturbating."

245 voted yes, 134 votes no.

Well guess what! You can actually make customized mugs with your photo or your friends photo on them! They cost about $20.00 (U.S. not Linden) each. I think this could be a great idea for an in-world business with virtual mugs don't you? I'll show some other examples below:

Moon Landing- 40 Years Ago Today

Still the most amazing feat of technology ever done - 40 years later.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Photo of the Day- Dancing at Mosh

That's me dancing at Mosh at Impulse last night with some Colors blond hair- instead of my usual brown. I liked the shot- makes me look happy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Queen Edman's Shampoo is the Next Generation Club

Queen Edman's new club Shampoo is the next-generation club I have been speaking about that had not yet started on Second Life. Well it has. The lighting and ambience are as good as something in London that that is saying a lot. It is at Hothouse Plaza. See for yourself before it becomes too crowded to get into.

Guide to Weekend Club and Event Listings over at Midcourt

Midcourt: Second Life Club & Event Stuff..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Noted Filmaker's Excellent Take on the UK in Second Life on YouTube

Noted Second Life filmmaker Adric Antfarm continues to keep me rolling on the floor with his excellent take of the United Kingdom and the British in general in this video. This builds on his insightful Zindra coverage I am not sure he knows I am a British national as well!

Adric one thing. The British are not restrained sexually, believe me. I lived there for over 10 years. To prove the point they are not called "hot dogs" over there - the are called BANGERS!

Dating in the Darkroom- Premieres on ABC on Monday!

ABC (in the United States) is coming out with a new series on July 20 called Dating in the Dark.

No this is not a joke.

There horny guys and three wild girls will feel each other up in a dark room to see who they want to "date" next.

Let's hope a same sex version is next. And I found the perfect sponsor!

VR Magazine - Take a Look

VR Magazine is not the "virtual reality" of Second Life and virtual worlds. There are no avatars running around doing things, and no renditions of "virtual worlds" Instead, they are doing very cool things with photography in three dimensions, and interfaces that make you feel as if you are in a scene (I actually got a bit nauseous panning around some of these places) . I think there are interesting ideas here for anyone who can design a real three-dimensional holodeck for example. Check it out:

VR Magazine:

At Home With The Family

This touching shot of my immediate Second Life family shows (from left to right) Jago Constantine, my partner, and our dogs- Albert the German Shepherd who behaves as if he is Ketamine half the time, Betsy the Chow who is the stupidest one of the four but the sweetest, Simon the Doberman who is very smart but dependent upon me, and my first dog, Boris the Doberman who is actually named after a female Vice President at a former employer who I could not tolerate (her name is an acronym - Breasts Optimize Research Influence Significantly). Isn't this a touching Kodak moment? The picture is taken at my new outdoor art gallery which will open on Saturday July 25 along with the new Museum of Sex Furniture.

The dogs have been adopted from VKC Kennels over the past two years and really are a treat, they each have their own personalities and are total characters.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photo of the Day: Explaining Sex to Wally Cleaver

Television kids were sure clueless in 1959. All he knew was that condoms make cool water balloons to throw at the Beaver.

Here is the original photo before i played around with it at faceinhole (funny name don't you think?). In case you are clueless, that is Wally Cleaver and Eddie Haskell from the classic TV show "Leave it to Beaver" of 50 years ago.

Check out this blog and speed up your PC

David in Ohio has published a nice blog giving simple tips on how to speed up your PC using CC Cleaner (which I reviewed here and like) and some other things. Check it out, I like his recommendations.

How to Speed up your Computer for Dummies:

You Tube: Happy Happy No Drama Song Video

Barbara Stanwyk- Hollywood Drama Queen Deluxe

My fave YouTube video maker, Adam Antric, made this video dear to my heart. Imagine a Second Life free of drama. Boring idea aint it?

40 Years Ago Today: Apollo 11 Was Launched - The First Moon Landing

The Apollo 11 crew landed on the moon on July 20.

This is still the greatest engineering and scientific event of all time. Although the Berlin wall fell 20 years later, The United States won the cold war with the Russians (then the USSR) on this day. It was clear that the Russians could never catch up with American scientific, and most specifically, information technology might.

The Russians actually launched the first satellite in 1957 (Sputnik) and put the first man in orbit (Yuri Gagarin)in 1961. They seemed to have overtaken American scientific expertise in the 50's and 60's, and actually were ahead in missile and space technology. The moon mission, still unmatched, firmly established the United States and capitalism, not communism, as the world's future model. This would remain unchallenged until the current severe economic recession of 2008.

This is a long term prediction, but I think that China will put the next men on the moon by 2025, primarily for the publicity value. By this time, the Chinese economy will be closing in on the United States as the world's largest, and their socialist economic model, slowly liberalized, will be seen as the way to go for most of the world. This process is starting now. The United States does not have the money or inclination to go back to the moon now.

Chinese Space Program Poster from the 1990's

Here is a close up look at the launch of the Saturn 5 Rocket from Cape Kennedy 40 years ago today - still an amazing site.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VR Style is Looking For Staff!

Make money and be creative!

VR Style, the hottest new magazine in SL, is looking for staff including:

Feature and Entertainment Writers

Club and Fashion Reviewers

Ad Sales Manager


Please contact Ariel Linguian inworld if you are interested.

Opinion By Eddi: National Health Insurance in the USA- its about time!

Although I was not sure that President Obama would actually do anything great, I do now.

Reports emerged yesterday that Congress under Obama's direction (and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's strong leadership) were offering -- for the first time- an American National Health Insurance program for the 46 million Americans not covered by health insurance. This would be funded by a 5.5% tax on income over 1 million dollars a year, among other things. The initial cost would be 1.5 trillion dollars.

The Democrats have the vote in the House and Senate to do what they think is best for eveyrone, not just the rich. And most Americans want this.

It's about time.

The situation in the United States regarding health care coverage is simply terrible for the 46 million Americans under the age of 65 who do not have health insurance. As incredible as it sounds to people in the rest of the industrialized world, if you are not working in the United States, and are not part of your employer's program, you don't get health insurance- unless you are part of the very poor or very sick and can get on a government program. If y0u are not covered, comprehensive rates can be over $500 per individual PER MONTH- but not not cover pre-existing conditions usually. In other words if you are sick and lose your job, you don't get coverage for what you are sick with most of the time.

Health care costs in the United States are incredibly high. Prescription drugs are very expensive compared to the rest of the world, and doctor visits start at about $100.00 per appointment. A simple overnight hospital stay can easily cost over $10,000. Inability to pay health care costs is the number 1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

Doctors and drug companies make a fortune.

This is being introduced quickly, and will be passed quickly. There is no time to waste.

Good news I say.

Please see this message from President Obama:

New Video From Eddi: Beautiful Route 69

Route 69 in Zindra is a new development in the adult oriented continent of Zindra in the Virtual World of Second Life. It is next door to Jago Constantine's and Eddi Haskell's Museum of Sex Furniture on the Uxert Sim. It reminds photographer Eddi Haskell of the towns near Cannes on the Mediterranean. The music selected is La'Mer by Charles Trenet.

One more note from Eddi" Is this really the same song as Bobby Darin's classic hit "The Sea"? How come it sounds so much more romantic here?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bastille Day Celebration!

New You Tube from Eddi: Tiger's Island Opening

From You Tube:

Tiger's Island is a predominantly gay club the virtual world of Second Life. All are welcome. They moved locations to a gorgeous island on July 13, 2009. Club hosts Rickie Zabaleta and Quagmire Juran, recently married in Second Life, held very special party with some very good friends to celebrate the clubs move. Co-club owner Rod Sideways also appeared at the event. Second Life photographer Eddi Haskell photographed this party.

The music in this video is Sylvester's 1980's disco classic "Do You Wanna Funk".

The Tiger Island Blog can be found at

Happy Bastille Day! 220 Years Ago

Bastille Day, the National Day of France, celebrates the storming of the Bastille, and the beginning of the French Revolution, in 1789.

In honor of the Bastille day, I am playing Mireille Mathieu's legendary performance of La Marseillaise, the national anthem of France, from the 1989 bicentennial. The Eiffel Tower is in the background

And I have another version to show from that same year! The great American soprano Jessye Norman, who went to my college, The University of Michigan, sang the "official" celebration version of La Marseillaise later that evening in Paris. This one is a bit slow in the beginning but is well worth seeing!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Zindra National Anthem?

Chairman Jago Constantine of the Zindra Alliance

I wrote a national anthem for Zindra, the new adult rated continent.

I set it to "The Internationale", the socialist-communist revolutionary anthem, one of the most inspiring songs of all times. I think it is quite catchy.

Here is the translation from the original French.

There is no way in hell Jago, as head of the Zindra Alliance, is going to let me run this in the Zindra Times, but I can run it here.


The Original Version: The Internationale

Arise, wretched of the earth
Arise, convicts of hunger
Reason thunders in its crater
This is the eruption of the end
Of the past let us wipe the slate clean
Masses, slaves, arise, arise
The world is about to change its foundation
We are nothing, let us be all


This is the final struggle
Let us group together, and tomorrow
The Internationale
Will be the human race
My Version for Zindra: The Zindra-nationale!

Arise ye avatars from boredom!
Arise ye devotees of porn
For reason in revolt now thunders
Censorship can’t last for long!

Away with all Linden restrictions
Boring content has no place
We'll rejoice in all the new conditions
In Zindra our new space

So sex fans, come rally
Triple – X for one and all!
Zindra promises freedom!
It's a whole new virtual world!


Grand Opening Celebration: The New Tiger's Island Monday Night

This comes from Rickie Zabaleta:

Tiger's Island is YOUR place to hangout with much to do. Open 24/7 we have several dance areas with a stream always playing. Come and enjoy a relaxing walk through the jungle, jump in a hammock with your partner, sit around the camp fire with your friends, and for your singles out there, just come hang out you never know who will show up.

Play in the Haunted Castle, explore the Mayan Temple, curl up on the beach and read a book. If your looking for someplace to hook up, we got you covered there as well, from BDSM to threeways to romantic couples. Enjoy it all at your own pace and pleasure. IM Rickie Zabaleta or Quagmire Juran if you have suggestion. Better yet send us a note card as IM get capped quickly.

7:00 - 10 PM July 13 Monday Night SL Time