Monday, June 15, 2009

Reverend Eddi Interviewed on BBC Radio 5

Yes, its true readers! Reverend Eddi Haskell, or "Rev Eddi" to my friends, will be interviewed on the British Broadcasting System's Radio 5 Pods and Blogs programme. The broadcast date is Tuesday, June 16. Rev Eddi will be giving the world his deeply spiritual take on weddings and marriage in Second Life.


Wagner James, publisher of New World Notes, and yours truly were interviewed by Reporter Jamillah Knowles as part of this week's radio show and podcast. You can hear this interview in the Second Half of this podcast:

link to podcast:

They heard about my expertise as a leading Second life religious and moral figure because they saw my article on "The Perfect Second Life Wedding" in this month's VR Style magazine. Here is the link.

link to June VR Style:


  1. Rev Eddi, all I can say amazing! You are amazing! This was big eye opener! This is probably your most important work. From what I have seen yet as the SL artist you are! For those tuning in, it is most important to turn off the music to the right on eddi's blog and we don't get to hear his important pod cast until about 18 minutes into it, so time to get yourself a coffee.

  2. Congrats Eddi! That was a great interview and your represented SL couples very well.


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