Monday, June 1, 2009

Contest! Who Turns 60 Tomorrow?

First person who can guess which famous celebrities 60th birthday it is tomorrow gets a pair of my photos for framing- Volcano 1 and 2 - which were behind the main conference stage on Orange Island for photography week for SL's fifth anniversary last June.

You need to give me both his real life and his television character name.

First person who fills out a comment wins. Make sure to leave your avatar name inworld in order to qualify.

Contest closes at midnight SL Time today, Monday June 1.



1. He is very special to me! On television, he is my best friends younger brother!

2. His television character's first and last names rhyme.

3. His television character lives in Mayfield.

so get going!


  1. Jerry mathers turns 60 he played the beaver or Theodore Cleaver on "Leave It to Beaver"

  2. beaver cleaver (Jerry Mathers) but that's because you gave a lot of clues

  3. and Quagmire is the contest winner!


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