Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Scenes from Pride Late Last Night

Pride was absolutely wild last night. What was amazing was how quickly it filled up. There must have been over 60 people at one point on four sims- the main dance area is at the intersection of the central pride area- just dancing the night away and having a great time. DJ REZ Cyberstar, DJ Willilicious Georgette, and DJ InsyX Piranha were going late- the party was still going strong at 12:30 AM SL time.

If you are not heading down to Pride, you do not know what you are missing. It will be open every night this week. Note to all of you who were trying to get me to come earlier yesterday- I have several photo assignments that were due yesterday, and could not come until late. Thanks for understanding!The crowd gets going late!

The U. S. Marine Corp was well represented at the party last night. Two Marines, Doc Spad, and Porn Star Fantasy Presco Bravin (pictured above) had the crowd drooling among other things.

Yet another shot of gorgeous Kolin Wylie.

Todd Jenkins looks inviting! He always looks so lunchable, doesnt he?

Here is Caivan Hancroft waiving a pride flag. How come Caivan always looks so amazingly cute? Has anyone ever seen Caivan NOT look cute?

Handsome Ricky Zabaleta and Quagmire Juran always look like they are the number one lovebirds in Second Life! Make sure to ask them about how they managed to get kicked out of You Tube!

Here I am in one of Jordyn Carnell's famous bubbles. In fact, that is his new nickname. Bubbles. I just made it up, and you heard it here first! Make sure to wish Bubbles a happy rez day on May 31!

And DJ Willilicious Georgette Georgette keeps on showing why he has so many fans! Just what is it about him that keeps on having them come back?

Besides flags, Kaine Singer also dances with feathers!!!!!!!!

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