Sunday, April 26, 2009

Will the Swine Flu Outbreak Mean More People Online?

I've been thinking about the Swine Flu outbreak. Yes its scary.

Here is what the health authorities are afraid of. Although most healthy people can fight off the flu, sometimes it mutates to a more dangerous form. In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed anywhere from 25 - 100 million people worldwide. And this was before air travel.

I am going to watch crowded places if this gets any worst. I live in Florida, which is chock full of tourists who just get off cruise ships from places like Mexico. Although there are no cases here yet, I expect there will be.

Why you should not panic:

This is not 1918, with no antibiotics around. Now we do have Tamiflu and other medications, and a flu vaccine can be produced quickly. I am sure they are working on one now. So, i doubt if 1918 can repeat itself.

But still, if this flu epidemic picks up I am going to avoid crowded areas. And the increased amount of time I have been spending in real life (I have been inworld less lately) could decrease. I am wondering if others are feeling the same.

Now, what you can you?

1. Wash your hands with a disinfectant agent if you have public contact.

2. Respiratory transmission is also a main channel for this to spread. Watch being in contact with people who are sneezing allot.

3. Consider taking herbal supplements like elderberry to boost your immune system. Eating things with garlic also helps. I am not a holistic specialist but other people are, and there is information online about this.

I wonder if Second Life will see a boom off this?

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