Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Family Secrets are so much fun!

One of the fun things about being close in proximity to my real life mom in Florida is hearing "family stories" that are making my mouth drop.

I moved out of the family house in New York when I was 17 years old to work as an intern for Joe Biden - he is an incredible person btw, and despite what you read, VERY smart. I then matriculated at the University of Maryland, and spent several years in Washington D.C. including my stint at the Pentagon.

BTW the most butch person I have ever met in my life was this female Navy Captain who I had to work with who made Rosie O'Donnell look and sound demure. She almost fell me to the floor with her handshake. We are talkin muscle here!

I eventually made my way to the U.K.

Three and a half years ago I moved back to the U.S., to Florida to be near my Mom. As i wrote here last week, just in time for Hurricane Wilma!


Now, one thing cool about your family is finding out all the dirt they hide from you
when you are younger. Its wonderful when this comes up. For example:

Finding out that your father's family nickname was "the abortion that got away".

Finding out that your coke dealer wild first cousin was actually adopted, and did not even find out about this until he was 21.

Finding out that your Mom's first cousin, an offspring of you ultra conservative and very religious great Aunt and great Uncle, actually is an out-of-wedlock baby. This woman found out when she was planning her parent's 25 year wedding anniversary party and your grandmother told her to "wait a year since there is no rush".

Finding out that another of your Mom's first cousins married a Hermaphrodite (I am not joking) and had to have the wedding annulled the next day.

Finding out that another great auntie lived with her "lady friend roomate" for 33 years in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

Finding out that the lady who lived down the street in New York was a prostitute and used to have men over for cash (funny, I always though her last name was Curva).

Gee, my real life family has a much drama as Eddi's Second Life does!

Now, if you want to know why I am writing this, my Mom and I had a talk about Greenwich Village last night. And she said, out of the clear blue, "Yes I know the place. When I was in college in New York, in the 1960's, your Aunt and I used to go to gay clubs there. They were illegal then, and they used to search your handbag for cameras before they let you in, but we used to have a great time.

My Mom is right, police in New York would regularly close down any bar with gay clientele and arrest "sissies" until the Stonewall riots on June 28, 1969 . Earlier that night, Judy Garland died, and the crowd decided not to take police brutality anymore and started doing things like overturning police cars with the police inside of them LOL. I am planning more coverage of the 40th anniversary of Stonewall in this blog in June.

Now, as hard as I can try, I cannot imagine my Mom as a fag hag. I can TRY but this image is unbelievable.

However, she did leave "clues". She likes to watch me on Second Life and came out with the wonderful statement "so tell me, why is Eddi's ass so big?" LOL. She also thinks my partner Jago is a major hunk, her exact line was "now I see why you are on that stupid web game so much".

Make sure to get these "family gems" down from your parents and grandparents before they are lost forever!

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