Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jago and I have some fans!

It seems that Jago and I have some fans. I did my first Steampunk video yesterday of Port Babbage, an area within New Babbage. You should all see this place - its an amazing area that shows what the Victorian age might have looked like if technology moved forward, and just posted my second video on Youtube which I will write more about tomorrow. Steampunk is a huge movement it seems, and my first video has been picked up and embedded in a few blogs.

One of our fans- who has picked up my Steampunk video on New Babbage- is a lovely lass, Captain Red Llewellyn, who publishes her own cool Steampunk blog, the Metaphysical Musings of a Merry Misanthrope. She also has made this nice video about a pirate ship!

Some comments were left on her blog regarding this picture that she posted of Jago and I kissing in the pool. You can see them and my reply through this link.

Now, kind readers, we are not going to tell these conservative Victorian readers from the Steampunk era who seemed to be a bit shocked at our shirtless pictures that I published in THIS blog about the stunts that Jago and I have pulled this year in Sex Aficionado, will we? And I am not putting links in - if they want to look at this years postings that can find our for themselves!


  1. [fans face, cheeks decidedly pink and murmurs] Oh Mr. Haskell!...we Victorians are not *quite* the prudes you might believe...after all, we do have our own Mr. Wilde and of course Holmes & Watson seem to be quite good chums, the Champagne Rooms of Babbage also feature burlesque! (Mr. Jago would get MANY tips i vow!)...but yes, we do appreciate formal dress in public but what goes on in one's own palour is surely not our business...and the rumour that i run an opium den above the Oneiroi Club & Reading Room in Armada is so far...unproved! But thank you for your kind words about my blog and yes, your movies have quite caused a quite stir within our city! we are quite, thrilled to have been noticed by an artist like you!
    ~Capt. Red

  2. OK. Is that why people keep on running away from me when i walk around there in just a speedo, tan line, and tank top? I have to remember to buy a costume and wear shoes. Any suggestions of some good Steampunk stores?


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