Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've Added Some New People to Just Beautiful SL Men

I've added some new people to my new blog Just Beautiful SL Men.

I still have more pictures to put up, so if I have you you might see yourself here soon!

  • Kevin Volmar

  • Zorden Wingtips

  • Alexi Fromund

  • Eddi Haskell

  • DJReZ Cyberstar

  • Chomsky Choche

  • Sam Andel

  • Todd19 Ashbourne

  • Cuno Fluno

  • Zaren Giano

  • Erik Kayo

  • Eddi Haskell (Wearing the Agape Marcello Shape)

  • Tane Daxter

  • Axl Shridde

  • Buger Shans

  • Jonathan Shenkel

  • Jas Brooks

  • Horatio Dykes

  • Vanyel Gazov

  • Chaz Longstaff
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