Monday, April 20, 2009

How to speed up your computer

There two freeware programs really have helped, and they are well known and safe.

First, there is CC Cleaner. It cleans up registries, temp files, and other items. It works with most major browsers

The people who make CC Cleaner also have come out with Defraggler. This program is far better then the defragging program that comes in Windows.

The are both freewear and don't cost anything but you might want to consider a paypal donation.


  1. Beware of defraggler: It doesnt handle encrypted files very well. If you use SafeBoot (like on a company laptop) you WONT be able to log in after defragging, and need to take it to the IT guy or an Admin.

    The IT guy alerted me to this after the third time I brought it to him. "Use Windows defragger, Windows knows whats encrypted and what isnt".

    Also watch out for CCleaner: The newer versions try to make you install Yahoo toolbar

  2. Thanx for the input on defraggler..Ive seen it,,but never used it..
    I like your blogspot so i will add a link to your page..Hope you return the favor..Peace

  3. Well thank you David- and I did put up a posting for you. Even if you are from Ohio (Go Wolverines, Go Blue!). Regards, Eddi

  4. I know,,Ohio sucks...Thanx for the posting

  5. There is a great tool Digeus Registry Cleaner I recommend to use this software when there are problems with windows. I also recommend to use Windows Tune Up Suite form Windsty. It automatically identifies and repairs common Windows problems.


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