Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Easter from Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

Well readers, yes, as many of you have figured out

1. I am on a YouTube video kick.

2. I love old movies, especially blockbusters from the golden age of cinema ( 1936 - 1970).

If I had to pick two movies that started the Hollywood blockbuster period in 1936 it would either be the second Showboat ever done, with that amazing bass Paul Robson singing Old Man River, or Jeanette McDonald and Clark Gable in the movie San Francisco with the most amazing Earthquake Scene ever filmed. I think the golden age of cinema ended in 1972 with Liza Minnelli in Cabaret.

Now, in honor of Easter Week, I am running a clip of Judy Garland and Fred Astaire singling Irving Berlin's classic Easter Song from the movie of the same name, the 1948 musical Easter Parade.

Irving Berlin
was amazing. How could one man, a Jewish immigrant from Russia, write so many top hits including White Christmas (the top selling single of all time), There's No Business Like Show Business, Alexander's Ragtime Band, God Bless America, Cheek to Cheek, and Easter Parade not even know how to write or read music?

Some interesting facts about Easter Parade:

1. Contrary to popular belief, Liza Minnelli (Judy Garland's Daughter) does not appear in this movie as a baby. She appears at the end of Judy Garland's 1949 movie In The Good Old Summertime.

2. They still have an Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue, every Easter Sunday. Its and informal thing, you go to show off some hat or bizarre leather wear you just purchased. They close the street down (obviously a set here in this film with St. Patrick's Cathedral and Sacks Fifth Avenue in the background).

Enjoy the clip. And, coming up on Wednesday, the most famous Hollywood special effect ever done for another Holiday this week! First person who sends in a comment guessing which movie and special effect it is gets two of my photos - Volcano 1 and Volcano 2- that appeared behind the main conference stage on Orange Island during SL's fifth anniversary last year.

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