Thursday, April 30, 2009

Supreme Court Vacancy - Am I Psychic?

No, not those Supremes. I'm talking about the U.S. Supreme Court. One of 9 Justices, David Souter, just retired. His retirement was not expected. His replacement will be selected by President Obama and confirmed in the United States Senate.

The U.S. Supreme Court is where some of the battle of Gay Rights in the United States will be fought over the next decade. And right now, the court is too conservative. But President Obama will probably be replacing at least two more justices over the next two years, tilting the court being pro-gay (and other) civil rights in outlook. For example, the Court could rule that hate crime legislation must apply to gays, lesbian and transgender individuals (it does not now), or that the U.S. Military must change their policies and admit gay men and lesbians (somehow a tranny marine corp fighter pilot I am afraid might be too much to ask).

Just yesterday, I wrote that the decision of Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania to switch parties and become a very friendly to Obama Democrat means that the Republicans now cannot block his appointment by voting en mass against Obama's selection to the Supreme Court, and Justice Souter just resigned. I feel like I have a bit of ESP now!

I promise NOT to turn this into a political gay rights blog, only an occasional post, but get ready for the week of June 28 - the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and gay pride day. This blog will celebrate gays, lesbians, and transgender people in the real world and Second Life for an entire week.

Am I a pet or a slave?

Jago asked me to model a bondage display platform yesterday for a Sex Aficionado video review, and I am trying to figure out if I am a pet or a slave. Maybe I am both!

See the full review and video here.

Sex Aficionado: Display Platform, by PhD

My Favourite Thing to Do!

I logged on at 5 PM my time on Wednesday, which is the morning for Jago. You are seeing one of my favourite things to do - watch television with Jago- we have one of those things that plays YouTubes. Sometimes its the little things that make life so much fun!

Jago made me this college shirt from the University of Michigan, and I'm trying to talk him into making allot more of them so we can open more stores for college shirts! He has opened a flag shirt store at The Wharf which I am going to review here!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Style at Myst Dance Club

I checked out Myst Dance Club tonight, managed by my friend Zach Kilberry. It really looked nice- the music by DJ Woody - Jeffry Woodford - reminded me of the Dutch clubs that I used to go to when I lived in Amsterdam! Hot Cristian Auster and Angelo Muircastle were steaming up the crowd with some hot dancing.

I am going to be adding this to my list of clubs to hang at!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo of the Day

I took me forever to get the right angle of a driver inside of a racing car!

Thank you Arlen!

In case you have not seen the news Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania switched parties today and became a Democrat. This is a rare event in the United States.

And this is a very important development for potential Gay Rights and other social legislation. Read on if you want to find out why.

Why is this such a big deal? After all, out of 100 Senate seats the Democrats control 58 seats and the Republicans only 41. (the last Senate seat from Minnesota is still undecided from the November 2008 elections but it looks like Democrat Al Franken, the comedian, will win it after court challenges are settled).

Well, due to some obscure political rules these is something called a Fillibuster in the United States Senate. Basically, Senators can argue forever, stalling votes on important bills like Supreme Court confirmations. There must be 60 Senators who vote in favor of "cloture" to end debate before a bill can be voted on.

Some filibusters have gone on for days, Basically, Senators can talk all they want. Unless 60 Senators vote to end a debate, a bill can't be voted on. This gave the Republicans potential power to stop any Democratic legislation that President Obama needs to reform the United States government, restructure the lopsided for-the-rich American economy, and pass important social legislation.

What is very important is that gay rights may need to be ultimately settled by the votes of the 9 justices in the United States Supreme Court. The court is now overwhelmingly Republican appointed and conservative in outlook. It looks like President Obama though will get to replace 2 of the 9 judges soon, which has to be confirmed by the Senate. The Republicans had the power to stall any Supreme Court appointment with this filibuster until now.

So, this is very good news. And Arlen Specter, a friend of gay rights, will no longer be restricted by the dictates of his party bosses-- who would have cut off his campaign funds if he did not vote their way. Thank you Arlen!

Hilarious Australian Condom Commerical

Look at the size of that rubber LOL. I don't know if I should dedicate today's post to Jago or JC Carnell.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Congratulatins Shaun Foxtrot and zachary54311 Nootan!

I officiated at the wedding of these two amazing guys today And they are in love! So Congratulations guys!

Photos courtesy of Demoneka Daehlie. She's available for wedding photography!

Eddi Haskell Styling Services Avaialable.

I am making my styling services available for men of all persuasions on Second Life at the rate of 1000 Linden for 30 minutes and 1500 for one hour.

I will work out a package price with you if you want your portrait or portfolio taken.

I have helped put together many of the guys on my new blog, Just Beautiful SL Men.

In addition, I have worked with several models at SL agencies. But I can't tell you who, I protect client confidentiality.

What I can do is show you several iterations of my own avatar and my alt, Ryce Skytower, who I designed.

I can help you design an alt if you would like so that you can play with yourself online (somehow that did not come out right LOL).

Please leave me a note card inworld (my IMs are capped) and I will get back to you if you are interested.

Interiors by Skyler Korhonen

Skyler Korhonen does this really cool custom interiors. He is also a work of art himself. I took these photos and was very impressed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Photo of the Day: Guest Photographer Brady Rowell

I write articles and photograph for SL Vibe Magazine (soon to be renamed Nu Vibez). I have a monthly feature called the Gay Clubber. I usually take my own photographs, but for my interview with DJ Syriana Paine and club owner JakeC Hotshot in the May issue I asked Brady Rowell to handle the photography. The issue should be out sometime next week.

I love the use of Sepia and the texture and composition in this photo. Make sure to check out Brady's gallery at Jake's Club and Resort.

Jago made a video the night this photo was made. If you have not see it yet here it is again:

Will the Swine Flu Outbreak Mean More People Online?

I've been thinking about the Swine Flu outbreak. Yes its scary.

Here is what the health authorities are afraid of. Although most healthy people can fight off the flu, sometimes it mutates to a more dangerous form. In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed anywhere from 25 - 100 million people worldwide. And this was before air travel.

I am going to watch crowded places if this gets any worst. I live in Florida, which is chock full of tourists who just get off cruise ships from places like Mexico. Although there are no cases here yet, I expect there will be.

Why you should not panic:

This is not 1918, with no antibiotics around. Now we do have Tamiflu and other medications, and a flu vaccine can be produced quickly. I am sure they are working on one now. So, i doubt if 1918 can repeat itself.

But still, if this flu epidemic picks up I am going to avoid crowded areas. And the increased amount of time I have been spending in real life (I have been inworld less lately) could decrease. I am wondering if others are feeling the same.

Now, what you can you?

1. Wash your hands with a disinfectant agent if you have public contact.

2. Respiratory transmission is also a main channel for this to spread. Watch being in contact with people who are sneezing allot.

3. Consider taking herbal supplements like elderberry to boost your immune system. Eating things with garlic also helps. I am not a holistic specialist but other people are, and there is information online about this.

I wonder if Second Life will see a boom off this?

My Second Steampunk Video - Scenes from New Babbage Airport

This video, which is actually a collection of still images or photomontage with music, is set to the famous Can-can dance, from the Opera Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach, first performed in 1858.

The area around the New Babbage Airport reminds me of of how Jules Verne might have envisioned a Steampunk style Paris in the 1880s.

One of the most important thing you can do to fight Swine Flu.

Rickie Zabaleta just published this round up of information on the Swine Flu outbreak over on his blog, Rickie's Second life. Please read it, its important.

One of the most important things you can do to fight off any flu is to use a disinfectant hand wash, especially if you come into contact with allot of people. Its sounds basic, but it is a first line of defense.

Machinima of the Week.

My you tube photomontage on PortBabbage, filmed in New Babbage, the biggest Steampunk community in SL, and which I showed here earlier this week, has been selected as machinima of the week by The Metaverse Journal. I am deeply honored and would like to thank them for selecting my production.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo of the Day: New Babbage Blue Sky

I took this Photo of New Babbage using the Blue Skies field in Advanced Sky Editor and neutralizing the colors 30%.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jago and I have some fans!

It seems that Jago and I have some fans. I did my first Steampunk video yesterday of Port Babbage, an area within New Babbage. You should all see this place - its an amazing area that shows what the Victorian age might have looked like if technology moved forward, and just posted my second video on Youtube which I will write more about tomorrow. Steampunk is a huge movement it seems, and my first video has been picked up and embedded in a few blogs.

One of our fans- who has picked up my Steampunk video on New Babbage- is a lovely lass, Captain Red Llewellyn, who publishes her own cool Steampunk blog, the Metaphysical Musings of a Merry Misanthrope. She also has made this nice video about a pirate ship!

Some comments were left on her blog regarding this picture that she posted of Jago and I kissing in the pool. You can see them and my reply through this link.

Now, kind readers, we are not going to tell these conservative Victorian readers from the Steampunk era who seemed to be a bit shocked at our shirtless pictures that I published in THIS blog about the stunts that Jago and I have pulled this year in Sex Aficionado, will we? And I am not putting links in - if they want to look at this years postings that can find our for themselves!

Why Family Secrets are so much fun!

One of the fun things about being close in proximity to my real life mom in Florida is hearing "family stories" that are making my mouth drop.

I moved out of the family house in New York when I was 17 years old to work as an intern for Joe Biden - he is an incredible person btw, and despite what you read, VERY smart. I then matriculated at the University of Maryland, and spent several years in Washington D.C. including my stint at the Pentagon.

BTW the most butch person I have ever met in my life was this female Navy Captain who I had to work with who made Rosie O'Donnell look and sound demure. She almost fell me to the floor with her handshake. We are talkin muscle here!

I eventually made my way to the U.K.

Three and a half years ago I moved back to the U.S., to Florida to be near my Mom. As i wrote here last week, just in time for Hurricane Wilma!


Now, one thing cool about your family is finding out all the dirt they hide from you
when you are younger. Its wonderful when this comes up. For example:

Finding out that your father's family nickname was "the abortion that got away".

Finding out that your coke dealer wild first cousin was actually adopted, and did not even find out about this until he was 21.

Finding out that your Mom's first cousin, an offspring of you ultra conservative and very religious great Aunt and great Uncle, actually is an out-of-wedlock baby. This woman found out when she was planning her parent's 25 year wedding anniversary party and your grandmother told her to "wait a year since there is no rush".

Finding out that another of your Mom's first cousins married a Hermaphrodite (I am not joking) and had to have the wedding annulled the next day.

Finding out that another great auntie lived with her "lady friend roomate" for 33 years in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

Finding out that the lady who lived down the street in New York was a prostitute and used to have men over for cash (funny, I always though her last name was Curva).

Gee, my real life family has a much drama as Eddi's Second Life does!

Now, if you want to know why I am writing this, my Mom and I had a talk about Greenwich Village last night. And she said, out of the clear blue, "Yes I know the place. When I was in college in New York, in the 1960's, your Aunt and I used to go to gay clubs there. They were illegal then, and they used to search your handbag for cameras before they let you in, but we used to have a great time.

My Mom is right, police in New York would regularly close down any bar with gay clientele and arrest "sissies" until the Stonewall riots on June 28, 1969 . Earlier that night, Judy Garland died, and the crowd decided not to take police brutality anymore and started doing things like overturning police cars with the police inside of them LOL. I am planning more coverage of the 40th anniversary of Stonewall in this blog in June.

Now, as hard as I can try, I cannot imagine my Mom as a fag hag. I can TRY but this image is unbelievable.

However, she did leave "clues". She likes to watch me on Second Life and came out with the wonderful statement "so tell me, why is Eddi's ass so big?" LOL. She also thinks my partner Jago is a major hunk, her exact line was "now I see why you are on that stupid web game so much".

Make sure to get these "family gems" down from your parents and grandparents before they are lost forever!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What computer do I use?

Some people have asked me about the computer I use. I frankly think it can do a better job with photography, but most people like my photo detail so I guess its OK!

I used an HP 8510p laptop. It is running Windows XP (I have the downgrade option), and I put another gig of ram in. I bought it new in box, with a warranty, from a retailer in California six months ago for $800 or so on Ebay. I did not feel like dealing with Vista, and this computer did not have enough ram to run vista and SL effectively. Also, I read bad things about NVDIA graphics cards in laptops, and wanted the ATI 2600 that this comes with. It even came with a full copy of Microsoft Office. Its a great PC, I was burning out at least one every six months including a Toshiba Qosmio that i had to throw out after owning for one year (it was out of warranty) and some crap workstation the local schlocko sold me with some NVDIA card in it.

This laptop is very well built, and does the job well. If you see it for sale, new, for US $800 or less grab it ( i just found one new on Ebay in box with warranty for US $750) I like laptops because i love to get up close to mine.

I would have preferred a Mac but I did not want to spend much money and this was a good deal (to say the least) at the time.

Midcourt: WHAT?! No April Bday/Rezzday??

JC is cancelling his monthly rezday parties until late June. Please read his post.

Midcourt: WHAT?! No April Bday/Rezzday??

New Video from Eddi: New Babbage, A Second Life Steampunk Community


Port Babbage is an area of New Babbage, a Steampunk community in the Virtual World of Second Life It is named after Charles Babbage, the inventor of the world's first computer,which was never built, in 1831.

The setting reminds me of how a British City would have looked in 1887, at the time of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, if Charles Babbage's computer were actually built. Advances such as electrical power and manned flying machines would have certainly arrived earlier. But coal-based pollution would have tinged the sky a foggy green, ,and required light during daytime hours, just as it did in industrial cities in 1871.

I achieved the green sky effect with Gelato in advanced sky settings, and did the video quickly with the film feature in Google Picasa Editor

This video is set to the National Hymn of England, Sir William Parry's Jerusalem.

Make sure to select HQ to get the best quality

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jordyn JC Carnell Update: Doing Better

I just heard from JC, and he is doing much better. We still need to make sure that he rests up when he comes back inworld, but he sounds like hes doing just fine. He told me that is going to post more about this tomorrow.

A New Video from Eddi: Insilico

INSILICO is a cyberpunk city in Second Life build by Skills Hacks. This collection of still images shows the genius of her design. The video is set to music from the movie Bladerunner by Vangelis. I based this on Photography I have been taking over the past two months for an article in the May issue of SL Vibe Magazine.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth 2! Check out the cool Royal Navy Graphics!

Queen Elizabeth 2 is 83 today (although her official birthday is celebrated in June), and I was trying to figure out what video to show.

The Royal Navy is going to build two huge 65,000 ton aircraft carriers, The Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales. They are going to enter service (these things always get delayed) in 2016 and 2018. This video, made two years ago, shows some amazing graphics and I decided to put it up in honor the The Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy, Queen Elizaberth II. Check it out, it's cool.

By the way, if you like Britain and the Royal Family, I did this video for YouTube using some old stills of the Queen Mum, Queen Elizabeth's mother who died at 101 years old in 2002 (she was also named Elizabeth, it can get confusing). It is incredible to thing that this great woman lived in three centuries (she was born on August 4, 1900 when Queen Victoria was still alive - the 20th century did not begin until January 1, 1901). Back in 1940, when Britain stood alone against insurmountable odds, her smile (with Winston Churchill's oratory) held the country together during the Blitz. Please take a look at this if you like old World War 2 stuff.

Wow 10.000 hits!

It took four months to get here. I don't know if it matters really since we don't sell any advertising here, and I am just publishing Eddi Haskell's Second Life because I am having so much fun, but it still is cool to see this! My next goal is 25,000 hits, I want to see if I can get there by October 1, 2009.

The other thing which is cool is that this blog has been seen in over 70 countries! In at least 10 of them homosexuality is illegal. So I am glad that at least some people may be getting off on Eddi's virtual lifestyle!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow! Caivan Hancroft Outdoes Himself at Bleeding Hearts!

It's Star Trek night at Bleeding Hearts and Caivan Hancroft outdid himself with the set designs here! This is an amazing construction, I feel like I am on the Star Trek bridge! DJ Syriane Paine is still going strong here, until 10 PM SL time so if you see this in time head on down!

I'm angry about something: Opinion From Eddi Haskell

Today, in Geneva, a whole bunch of delegates walked out on one of the world's greatest bigots, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, started making his speech at a "racism" conference. I think the walkout was great. But this is not why I am angry.

I'm angry cause in the past few years, estimates are that over 400 gays have been executed in Iran, many of them minors who were tortured to death like the boys above were before their execution. There are many pictures of this public hanging that occurred in a festive carnival-type atmosphere in Iran on July 18, 2005.

Iran is perhaps the world's greatest enemy of gay people
. The Iranian view is that if you have engaged in gay sex, you deserve to die in Iran regardless of your age. I think this is barbaric and needs to stop.

Let me repeat. It is a capital offense in Iran, and in some other countries, to engage in homosexual activities. And you can be convicted based on hearsay. Let's think about this. This country kills children based on the testimony of others who say they are gay.

And what do we do? NOTHING. We sit back and take it.

Violence against gays does not exist in all parts of the Islamic world (go to Istanbul to see one of the hottest gay scenes around), and some cultures are just as anti-gay as Islamic countries are; in Barbados for example anyone caught in a gay act can get life imprisonment. But it is also true that the greatest violators of gay rights are Islamic nations where Sharia law reigns. But I do not believe that Islamophobia is the right answer to this problem.

I'm angry because there should have been a walkout based on what Iran does to gay people at any of these so called "human rights" conferences. And we should not rest until this happens.

Blue Mars vs. Second Life 2.0

Blue Mars from Avatar Reality
is not on it's hype cycle upswing even before its planned release later in 2009.

Rawly Rousselot at SL InWorld Today wrote an interesting article on Friday April 17 about being approached by Blue Mars to be a certified builder.

I also found this Second Life 2.0 video on YouTube. I don't know the connection with Linden here or the planned release date but I am sure Linden will counter Blue Mars quickly with an SL update. Daniel Ariantho wrote about 2.0 in his Blog.

Interesting comparison, no?

Jago's Video of Jake's Club Wild West Party!

Another cool video from Jago Constantine! This was taken at Jake's Club Resort this past Saturday, April 18. Syriana Paine was DJ.

How to speed up your computer

There two freeware programs really have helped, and they are well known and safe.

First, there is CC Cleaner. It cleans up registries, temp files, and other items. It works with most major browsers

The people who make CC Cleaner also have come out with Defraggler. This program is far better then the defragging program that comes in Windows.

The are both freewear and don't cost anything but you might want to consider a paypal donation.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Queen Edman and Hunter Stern are Getting Married

I just took this picture at their wedding ceremony. It is absolutely packed. Congrats to the newlyweds!

It sounds like JC is getting better

If you have not been following what JC Jordyn Carnell has been going through, its been a hard several weeks for him. First, he had his gall bladder out, in surgery, and then he managed to pick up a really bad bug which - potentially quite dangerous for him, started to make its way up to a kidney infection last week. He wrote about this in his blog MidCourt on Friday, and is posting some things.

He has not been able to come on much in the past two weeks but should be back soon.

Last word I had with JC is that he is getting better- he's on some powerful antibiotics, his fever is coming down, and he is seeing the doctor tomorrow. It does sound like hes on his way to recovery and is getting a lot of rest.

If you want to leave JC a kind word on Midcourt I am sure he would appreciate it.

Western Night at Jake's

Jago and I went to Western Night at Jake's Dance Club with DJ Syriana Paine and here are some photos i just took!