Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jago's First Video! Dancing at the Wharf.

I forgot to post this one! This is Jago's first video - made at the Wharf on March 29

from Jago:

My very small screen debut :P Porno soundtrack by YouTube (pretty lame compared to my original awesome selection). Filmed with three different video capture programs, so you'll notice variation in quality (I really had to include the dancing rat and bear).

Jago Makes a Video!

Make sure to see it! Follow this link to go to Sex Aficionado to see it But why is he wearing so many clothes? I think it is the first time he actually worn any clothes in our other blog LOL.

1,000 Hits a Week and Still Growing!

Jago and I publish several blogs- but we measure two main ones. This blog, and Sex

Over the past 13 week, we have had over 13,000 hits combined - in both blogs. With no promotion. Over 1000 hits a week. We have been seen in about 60 countries. People tell us that these numbers are quite good, and we both are a bit surprised by this.

When we started both, we did it for fun. And we are not in competition with anyone, and are not a commercial blog, -- but thanks for tuning in and reading us!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pepsi Board of Directors Scene

And while we are on the subject of gay oriented real life videos, for those of you who have not seen one of the great camp moments in all of cinema, Fay Dunaway's portrayal of Joan Crawford at the Pepsi Board of Directors meeting from the 1981 camp classic Mommie Dearest, here it is in all it's glory You will have to turn the sound up for this one.

And now, back to normal (?) posts as Eddi.

Best Slap Ever in Cinema?

Joan Crawford slapping someone in the movie Queen Bee 1955 LOL.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eddi's Hot Computing Tip- Ever Regret Sending an Email?

Yes we all have sent that email that never should have gone out!

There is now an option in Google's gmail beta (it may be in regular gmail too , you need to check) that lets you retract emails for a few second. All you have to do is hit the Undo button.

Go into settings, go to "labs", and enable the Undo Send tab. I just discovered this one!

Love this Nathan Lane Video!

After all that talk of Wagner I need this today LOL.

Museum of Sex Furniture Review

Caliandris Pendragon has visited and reviewed the Museum of Sex Furniture. You can read her thoughts here.
Back in 2004 when I first joined Second Life, it wasn't possible to upload custom animations. The residents of the virtual world being creative and resourceful, a number of people had begun to make sex furniture already, using existing default animations. The pose most used in these confections was the motorcycle animation, which had pretty flexible applications, while at the same time being fairly rigid, it being a pose rather than an animation.
In order to approximate sexual activity, people used a system called box on and box off, which was, I'll admit, mostly a mystery to me, but which involved a way of manipulating the avatar by the use of box attachments and the extremely limited default range of animations.

Caliandris also made a generous donation of artifacts to the museum, some of which will be on display soon!

Make sure to visit the museum if you have not seen it. It is located in Liberation.

Found through New World Notes.

(original posting by Jago Constantine)

Problem Solved!

Over the past several weeks, I've noticed on occasion that I have picked up reflections in a pattern on high resolution shots.

I thought it was a problem with my graphics card driver. I updated all my drivers, and done other system checks. Nothing helped that much except shrinking the resolution of the image to a very low size which cut into detail. . My average photo is over 3000 x 2000 pixels.

Problem Solved!

Jago solved my problem- it is viewer based. He found it in the JIRA. All I had to do is check "constrain proportions" when I take snapshots (it is an option when you pull your snapshots up).

If you are having the same problem, here are the JIRA entries. Please vote to have it fixed.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photo of the Day: Insilico At Night

I just love Skills Hak INSILICO sims I posted photos here before, but I came back this afternoon after Jago's weekly sci fi discussion group meeting. It really is an amazingly realistic series of sims with a vision of the future that grows on you. Make sure to visit.

Next week, Jago's weekly sci fi discussion group will have a preset sci fi story to read. the group meets on Saturday at 2:00 PM SL time and is quite good. I will post details later.

BTW to get these effects I sharpened the image and brought out the colors in a basic editor. I have an exhibition on Level 4 of my gallery of my INSILICO Original Photography

Touring Costa Rica with Giancarlo

I am writing and doing photography this weekend for Nu Vibez Magazine (formerly SL Vibe) of the amazing Costa Rica development. Costa Rica is the brainchild of my good friend (and he truly has been a great friend over the past two years) Giancarlo Takacs. I've done quite a bit of photography and you will have to wait around another 10 days for the issue to come out.

Giancarlo took me on a boat ride and a tour of the 50 plus sim development this evening. Its amazing- it blends incredible landscaping with some real life tourist information - here we are watching a Costa Rica tourism movie (btw I have been to Costa Rica in real life and it is truly a stunning country, its amazingly diverse).

Make sure to check out Nu Vibez, and Costa Rica as a place to live-- Giancarlo is adding more sims right now.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer Mens Swimwear Show!

This is going to be a very hot fashion show to attend! JM Models and Get Butch GBSTYLE is having a swimwear show today and you are all invited! I am helping produce the event, and will be announcing the show. We will be taking collections for http://www.breadandjams.org/. The show is Saturday, April 4 at 4 PM SL time, and the location is Club Thunder, on Thunder Island, to be followed by a post show party. Please make sure to come!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is this music Eddi?

I'm playing overtures from two Richard Wagner operas- Rienzi (which is almost never performed) and Tannhauser. Yes, I know, Wagner is considered to be a protonazi and was a notorious antisemite. And he was a rather disgusting human being all-around. But still, his music is sublime and is a cornerstone of our classic music tradition. And, you have to separate politics from art-- although it is easier said then done!

By the way, if you are wondering where I come up with my music selections, well, it happens to be what I am interested in listening to at the time. Whethere it be Justin Timberlake, the Sex Pistols, Patty Lupone, or Richard Wagner. But i will explain some things to you when I can!

Happy 62nd Birthday Elton John!

Ricky, Quagmire, Rod, and dancer Markus threw a great party at Club Tiger's Claw tonight! MTD1952 Timeless took home the L$ 4000 prize but donated it back to the community with a Pride donation! This is simply a fun place to hang out where you can be yourself, make sure to come to the club when you can!

Here is the club schedule: http://www.tigersisland.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Don't worry friends, I have not cloned myself, and there are not three of me! I am putting up this post for a few reasons.

First, this is one of my favorite ways to show off things like skins and swimwear that require a full body shot. I like to show three variations at a time.

Photoshop, the number one program for photo editing can easily do this. However, I did this in Scribus, a freeware page layout program, which I reviewed in January. It is easy to learn and can rival some very advanced page layout programs.

Second, I want to show off my new Belleza Miguel skin which I reviewed in Sex Afficionado yesterday. You can also catch me in my full frontal glory in the review. I have been reviewing other men's items in this publication, so make sure to check it out.

Third, I want to show you using the advantages of a plain white background again with no embellishments to show off fashion items and body components.

If you want to know where to get this very realistic-looking wet speedo, well, its not on the market yet and the designer asked me to keep mum for now. As soon as he releases it I will let you know!

Monochrome Vs. Color Portrats: Each Has An Advantages

Although this color self-portrait of myself, is certainly attractive with the nice mixture of warm and earthtone hues, the monochromatic version (sharpened just a bit with the Picasa tool - Picasa is a Google free download) looks a bit more lifelike to my eyes. Why? Skins tones are the hardest to reproduce in RGB (Red Green Blue) light - which your monitor is almost definatley using (as are ALL colour televsions sold). Make sure to experiment with both for optimal effect.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sometimes It's Worth Staying Up Late!

I stayed up until 4:00 am East Coast U.S. time on Tuesday morning to wait for Jago to log on from Australia. Oddly enough our time schedules seem to work for each other.

Sometimes its worth staying up late, even if it is for a quick kiss goodnight.

Jago makes my entire Second Life so amazing!

Off to bed, and goodnight everyone!

Monday, March 23, 2009

At An Amazing Party at Bleeding Hearts!

These decorations are so cool! Caivan Hancroft decorated this wild Mad Hatter's party from Alice and Wonderland, the amazing Syriana Paine is DJ, and lots of cool people are here. Next Monday is the Club Leather party. Make sure to check out Bleeding Hearts!

What is this music Eddi?

If you don't know it you should. Many people think it is the greatest rock song ever written by the greatest band of all time, God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols. Britney it is not. This song sums up a mood of angry and disgust quite well.

By the way, I don't agree with the song. I am a monarchist, and think Her Majesty has done a swell job in her 57 years on the throne. I actually sat about 10 feet away from her once at a concert at Royal Albert Hall and she looked like a really nice person. How I ended up there is a story in itself and I am not putting it in print LOL.

This is my favorite royal story btw.

Apparently The Queen once met a photographer on a state visit to Canada and the ensuing conversation went something as follows:

The Queen: "And what do you do?"

A Photographer: "I am a Photographer Your Majesty!"

The Queen: "How VERY coincidental! My brother-in-law is a photographer you know! [The photographer Lord Snowdon was married to Her Majesty's late sister Princess Margaret at the time]

A Photographer: "How VERY VERY coincidental Your Majesty! My brother in law is a queen! "

Advance Notice

Jordyn (JC) Carnell's next monthly rez day party will be at Club Thunder on March 27.  These parties are great, and two of my favorite DJ's - Ars and Yummy - will be spinning.  Jago and I will be there.  In addition, I will be covering the event with my photography for hot new SL Vibe magazine   Make sure to come!

Midcourt: Guest post.. Corned Beef & Cabbage

Hunky Marine Doc Spad is now a contributor for JC Carnell's widely read Midcourt blog.  Make sure to check out his first post today. It makes for good reading .

Midcourt: Guest post.. Corned Beef & Cabbage

White Backgrounds Are Cool For Fashion Shots

My partner Jago Constantine taught me this trick, and I think he picked up it from Jaho Yalin who writes for the JM Models blog. Use a white background for fashion shots to emphasize your product. White backgrounds, by definition are completely neutral, and are also a good way to pick up skin tone definition. To get this three dimensional skintone I played around with the midranges in color editor. If you don't want to use Photoshop, Microsoft Picture Editor has a very good midrange modify setting, which, when used with contrast, can achieve the three dimensional look shown above. I am wearing Barefoot nylon shorts in coral which I am reviewing in our Sex Aficionado blog.

Midranges modification can yield some interesting effects. I am not sure I like this photo very much, but it does emphasize my new teeth which I purchased this weekend and I will be reviewing shortly.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The 10 Plaques?

I took this pictures of the builds outside the Sphinx jazz club today using advanced sky editor in Gelato (green) and Sailor's Delight (pink tones) that I thought I would share The remind me of the scenes for Cecil B. DeMille's camp blockbuster classic The Ten Commandments. Make sure to rent it if you have not seen it, it has to be the most brazen display of pectorals ever to hit the big screen.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sci Fi in the Nuthouse!

Jago holds a weekly Science Fiction reading and discussion group on Saturdays at 2:00 PM (IM him for details if you want to attend, the group is open enrollment and called Science Fiction Discussion). This weeks meeting was in the Channel Island Asylum, a fun place with really weird ghosts and sound effects. Somehow, I felt right at home here!

from left to right

Lewis Luminos, Fourside Janus, Eddi Haskell, and Jago Constantine

Jago is Famous!

See the article in the huge Second Life blog New World Notes about the upcoming Linden adult sex area quoting Jago.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Please Stick Around!

Many people that I know are thinking about leaving Second Life- for whatever reason. I know several people who are "taking a break" and have not logged in for a while.

Some are bored, others don't like bickering.

But things are becoming better right now. I think you should stick around if you are thinking of leaving.

I am going to do my part by focusing on positive energy here. I also am going to try to increase my humorous coverage of SL here, and I will be premiering a new blog soon that many of you will enjoy (hint: make sure you have allot of skin moisturizer on hand cause many of you will need it).

Second Life is growing!

I remember not to long ago when 80,000 residents at one time was a magic number. I see that number up quite a bit these days when I log in. I think we will hit 100,000 inworld residents sometime by June 2010 if not before. These growth numbers are terrible compared to some applications like twitter, but Second Life was never a true mass market medium, it takes a high degree of technical competence and commitment to be in here. Luckily for us, the Linden Labs server architecture is seems to be scaling effectively.

Oddly enough, the recession -- going to a movie, or even going out to eat are becoming more and more a luxury for many people-- is helping SL right now.

Second Life is a very inexpensive way to entertain yourself.

Oddly enough there seems to be a slight revival in real estate. I sold off an 1800 linden 512k parcel in a few seconds, a bot grabbed it. On our home sim of Liberation, there are no free parcels. And, the auction business for mainland parcels is brisk. This boom could be short lived if Linden floods land channels again.

The new magazine that I photograph for, SL Vibe actually is selling advertising at a fast pace. Some others I know are doing quite well too.

Jago and I have a business of course, Jago designs all sorts of things such as skyboxes, lighthouses, shirts, wallpaper, actually anything he wants. I photograph and help market things, but he is the design talent. Our sales are growing, slowly of course at first, but many of you who want to make some money might look at doing something similar and selling it on SL Exchange or in a store.

Thanks for listening, Eddi.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hinterland Castle at Dawn - Scotland in Second Life

I was playing alone with color exposures I took of a castle in the Hinterland sims (I actually did this with Gelato in advanced sky which is normally has a green tint ) and thought the castle in the background looked very much as it would appear after dawn.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Blog Is Staying Positive and Upbeat!

Its been such a positive past few days.

First, over the weekend, we showed a special person in Second Life, Jordyn JC Carnell what n incredible guy many of us think he is -- with last Friday's JC Appreciation Day! JC puts his heart out into making sure many of us have a great time on SL, and got some unfair criticism from one source for doing so. Some great people, including DJ Ricky Zabaleta, Quagmire Juran, the wonderful DJ Syriana Paine who is an inspiration to me to always keep things upbeat and postive, and uber-clubowner JakeC Hotshot and his staff made sure that this was an amazing night!

The evening of celebrations for JC started for us at fun Club Tiger's Eye. I then went to Jake's Club with Jago to celebrate . Jago and I were warmly greeted by Jake and his staff and made to feel right at home. Many of you know I have a bit of an association with this club, and had not been there since last August. And I must tell you, it felt so good to go back there!

A very special person, Natalie Niven, publisher of SL InWorld Today got married this week to Rob Moonites at a big, wonderful fun wedding. Many of my friends were there, and it was a great celebration of two great people!

Yesterday, Doc Spad contacted me directly came over to fill me in on some things about the marines. The important thing is that we chatted as old friends for a long time, and decided that there was too much good around here -- to allow anything to get in the way some positive thinking.

Now, why am I saying this? The reason is this, and I want you to hold me to it.

Eddi Haskell's Second Life is going to stay a POSITIVE BLOG.

I will probably get less readership because of it- I seem to get more readership when I write about things that frankly, I do not enjoy writing about - issues concerning the negative inworld or publishing activities of others.

But as I've said I am not writing the blog to become number one in anything I am doing this for my friends, Jago my partner, and myself -- to share my experiences in Second Life, my photography, increasingly reviews of things I like, and my offbeat humour with you.

Thanks for listening, Eddi

Doc Spad came by to visit tonight!

He's such a cool guy! BTW, I posted something for a bit earlier, I retracted it, cause it is not right.

It is still showing up on Google reader. Its all due to a misunderstanding! And I don't think Doc meant to say anything that to be honest is not justified on his end!

We had a nice handshake tonight!

I will have more information to follow.

To a better Second Life

and Semper Fi!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Congrats Natalie Niven and Rob1977 Moonites

What a nice wedding this afternoon! I wish the both of you all the best for a future filled of love and positive energy in Second Life!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Semper Fi. And Why I Respect the Marines Too Much to Believe That "Fashion Blog".

This is my first really serious post in a while.

Without revealing too much about my real life background, I can now tell everyone now that I have worked for the United States Navy and Marine Corp, and am very proud of this. I also work as a real life consultant in web architectures, applications, and security, and have advised many government agencies on information technology security policy. And I get angry when I am accused of "insulting all veterans" as I was in that infamous "fashion blog" last week.

Why am I telling you this? Without going into detail, I have questioned someone in Second Life ---who says he was a marine corp intelligence officer in Iraq in 2008-- and indicates this in his profile and in frequent conversations to others.

I simply don't see how he can be this in real life due to security protocol, and U.S. military regulations, and tell people about it in Second Life! I did this as part of my broad questioning of that "fashion blog's" Centerfold Contest in 2008 which, as I have written here in the past few weeks, I strongly suspect of being a sham.

I need to watch things now. I can't give information to you unless you are on a need-to-know basis, and I can't put down everything that I know.

Now why am I certain that I am right? The answer is simple- I know too much about security, international usage of Second Life, and military regulations to know that this "marine intelligence officer" would face military disciplinary charges if he were caught doing what he does inworld. I also know you can't even access Second Life from within military bases in Iraq!

Now get me straight- I see nothing wrong with saying that you are a marine officer in Second Life: if this is what you want to do, more power to you! I am just defending myself here-- I was called a "liar" who was disrespectful to veterans (among other things) in that "fashion blog" this week which shall continue to remain nameless in this post. Well, I am turning the tables on them now.

To tell people inworld that you are serving as a Marine Corp Information Officer in real life in Iraq, and actively assume that role, is against every security procedure in the book. Now, if you don't need to be convinced, you can stop reading.

I am not going to go into names, and if you don't know who I am talking about, no worries. I don't usually reply to the things this blog, but I think I need to lay out my reasons for saying this in detail.

1. In Iraq, in mid 2008, anyone in Marine Intelligence would have to live on base, or in an adjacent area that was secured by the military. You simply don't rent a gorgeous yuppie studio in downtown Baghdad and live wherever you want - especially if you are a U.S. intelligence officer. Talk about an easy target! Baghdad in 2008 did not match Vancouver Canada as a fun and safe place to live!

2. You do not "plug" your laptop into the wall as this person has claimed in a secured area in a military installation overseas and get Second Life, or for that matter, many Web 2.0 and high bandwidth web applications. And I highly doubt this person walked into his local Starbucks in Baghdad and quickly got onto Second Life to avoid base restrictions.

The ports that allow you to access Second Life, and other high bandwidth applications, are closed to military firewalls for casual usage (each application has a numbered port that can be plugged in a firewall). The U.S. army does have a presence in Second Life, but it is for recruitment purposes. The Central Intelligence Agency is also reportedly in Second Life btw and is probably observing any avatar who claims to be in an intelligence function.

3. Anyone working as a military intelligence officer in Iraq would have all of their transmissions monitored in any external facing application that transmitted back to the United States for personal usage to make sure that inappropriate information is not given. This would most likely be done per individual unit policy, but enforced electronically looking for certain patterns (see below on gay erotic art).

Now, let me get this straight. This avatar in question tells me that he was a Marine Corps Intelligence officer in Iraq in 2008, has a business in Second Life where he sells erotic gay art (nothing wrong with that btw), and wants me to believe that he is this in real life - when I know he should not even be telling people his location and job role to begin with. And, due to the unfortunate U.S. military don't ask don't tell policy against gay personnel, which I hope President Obama overturns,, anyone selling gay art virtually would certainly be called out on this.

4. Final proof. Lets look at some published statistics. Although I could not find public statistics on the InV site, I can't find any hits from Iraq on other popular sites either. The latest country statistics released by Second Life are for December 2007, I can't quote them here as fully authoritative, but the usage in Iraq was zero.

Jordyn Carnell's popular MidCourt for example carries the well known Clustermaps map; so does this blog- look below. Every usage is represented by a hit. I could not find one in Iraq at any time in 2008, and none on my blog for this year.

I am sure this person had looked at Midcourt at least once in 2008! I am going to be checking other Second Life blogs and try to get additional information from them to report to you.

But here is the clincher. Even if you could find one from the Baghdad area, you could determine an IP address from this with any statcounter program. Now, do you think our military security officers want anyone to be able to determine this sort of information? So, I am going to hold my ground. I simply do not see how someone claiming that they are an Iraq based military intelligence office could actually be doing this in real life.

And if I am not a "liar", then it must mean that the other side is, and the contest was a fake, right? I am just countering their logic here.

Let both sides present their evidence to you if you are interested, and please make your own decision in this matter.

Please leave me a comment if I am wrong here.

Thanks for your time, Eddi

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What a great night for JC Carnell. And seeing how much Jake's Club has grown!

Last night, Friday the 13th, was a very special one. Over 80 people came out all through the evening to two clubs to show their appreciation for a very special person - Jordyn (JC) Carnell. Jago and I started out the evening at Club Tiger's Eye, which quickly began to fill up.

After the first hour, and at JC's request, the event consolidated at one location, the beach of the new Jake's Club and Resort (photo above), which will formally open this weekend. DJ Ricky Zabelata did a great job of keeping all these people at two locations dancing through the evening!

I had not been to Jake's since last August. It was quite an experience to see how much this number one Thursday and Saturday night club (which I used to have a bit of an association with) had grown, not only in terms of size, but the number of people who were coming out to this number one weekend institution. Jake and the "boys", Troy, Brady, Ricky, Baz, and Rocky made sure that Jago and myself felt right at home as soon as we arrived.

The formal opening celebration of the new Jake's will start today with a two-day packed schedule that I am showing above, including some of my favourite DJ's-- Gregster Kidd, Yummy Andrew, Dextrum Boucher and of course the gorgeous Syriana Paine. I recommend you all stop by this event and check the new Jake's out! Additional details can be found at the Jake's Club Blog.

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 Things That You Can Do While the Grid is Down

The grid has been down today. This is a perfect opportunity to:
1. Rediscover Television!
2. Figure out what smells so bad in the place that you keep your computer. Is it an old big Mac or your own belly button lint?
3. Get a haircut.
4. Organize your REAL wardrobe! And put something on and go OUTSIDE!
5. Figure out that fingers can play with allot more than your mouse or trackball.
6. Paint little funny faces on your toes and wiggle them as you sing show tunes.
7. Join a more simple virtual world like Kaneva, and say to the other avatars "You're kidding! You mean you guys don't have real sex in this place?".
8. Get your car cleaned. It probably smells allot worst then your belly button. Rediscover your belly button. Tell all the other people inworld tonight if you have an innie or an outie.
9. Compulsively try to log in for 6 straight hours without taking a break. Don't believe the support log. It is a conspiracy against you!
10. If you have a pet dog or cat, make sure to pay extra special attention to them. They miss you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

JC Carnell Appreciation Night Now At Two Locations!

So many of you want to show your appreciation for Second Life's sexiest cowboy, the event is now at two locations- with DJ Rickie Zabelta spinning from both the Tiger's Eye Club and the new Jake's Club Resort.

The event starts at 8:00 PM

Make sure to attend! Wear the green for this St. Patrick's Day warmup!


Tiger's Eye Club

Jake's Club Resort

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A perfect teahouse

This Japanese tea house by Tami Timeless of Timeless Treasures is perfect. I bought one, it is a work of art -- one of the nicest builds I've seen. Its small, fits on a 512k plot, and is only 32 prims. But it is so nicely detailed on the inside. It is sold on SL Exchange for 600 Linden,
and can be seen at her inworld location along with some other cool builds. Look at her profile for the latest location.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Miriel Eyes

Miriel sells Jewelry, Hair, Shapes, and Eyes. Although the store caters to females, the eyes are unisex and are some of the sexiest in Second Life. They come in a huge range of colors and are $L50 a single pair (copy or transferable versions are sold), or $L150 for a pack of four The eyes come in standard or realistic versions - the realistic ones have a smaller iris.

Best of all, Miriel offers a hug free sample pack of 10 eyes in both standard and realistic versions(shown above). Everyone should go and get one of these, they are one of the best freebies around.

Shown above are standard Miriel Caribbean eyes, $L50

Monday, March 9, 2009

What is this music Eddi?

I am featuring old songs about New York City right now. That photo by the way is a picture of the old New York Penn Station, perhaps the greatest train station ever to be built in the world --architecturally --- that was torn down in 1964 years ago to make way for the monstrosity that is known as the Madison Square Garden. But if you've been to New York you might have seen the magnificent station that they failed to tear down in the 1970's - Grand Central Terminal, thanks mainly to the efforts of former first lady Jackie Kennedy, who used to call various Chairman of the Boards cold as "Mrs. Onassis" and managed to get through before she started lecturing them on landmark preservation.

A Place To Show Some Love and Appreciation for some Great People

I just noticed that the new blog "We Love Syriana!", a place to leave positive comments about DJ Syriana Payne who has been subject to some attacks on an internet blog this weekend, is now, at her request, open to nice comments about others too!

This is such a great thing. A place to make others who might be feeling down. It really can hurt when you see yourself attacked like this.

I'm going to post a comment today and think it would be great if everyone else were to leave a positive word about someone who has been unfairly attacked recently.

We Love Syriana!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo of the Day: Mycenae is a Magical Place

My neighbor planted some oak trees that were magical, and I wanted to see where they came from. Upon inspecting the object, I saw that they were made by Tobias Novi. I headed off to his place, Tree house Designs by Tobias Novi and saw what had to be one of the most magical places in Second Life. I ended up buying a bunch of his trees (I thought they were very expensive, I bought different four trees for around 1100 but then I realized I could make as many copies of each as I wanted, so it was a really good buy), which have to be some of my favorites in Second Life.
He sells very nice treehouses, and the images above remind me of the time I visited Japan and went to some city on the Sea of Japan on a cold rainy autumn day. A friend and I hiked through this wet park, and there was a tea house- in a setting like this -- and has the most amazing hot thick green tea that felt so good going down. Funny how Second Life can bring back memories like this. Visit this sim, its a great place to chill out and enjoy nature.

One more thing- in the store on site you can find one of Second Life's great freebies- the one prim Stephanie tree. It has falling leaves and is very realistic looking. Make sure to get one, it makes copies too.