Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here is the Final "Final New Eddi " - The First Major Change in My Looks Since January 2007

Head over to Ryces Blog for mature photos of Eddi 
(Viewers 18+ please)

My quest for a updated look continues. I showed some pictures of the first "new Eddi" here last Friday.  Although I received lots of comments, I wanted to go further and have a Second Life avatar that reminded me more like my real life self -- something less hard, and a bit more playful.

Eddi in 2007: Doing Some Model Work for Shai Clothing

It sounds unbelievable, but Eddi Haskell in Second Life has been using the exact same shape (Tony by Q-Designs) since his rez date of January, 2007. Except for changes in skin, hair, and eyes, I have basically looked the same for almost six years until now.

I asked my good bud of many years, Zim Gunsberg, who is owner of Agape Shapes (which I really like) to help me update my look even more.  Using my new Birth skin as a base, Zim helped me pick out one of his new shapes, new hair, and some of his new eyes this weekend, and I am very happy with the final results.

Zim Gunsberg and Eddi Haskell at Agape Shapes
I am wearing two of my favorite outfits in the final sets of photos, which I plan to review here later.

For a more mature look of my new final look head on over to Ryce's blog.
(warning mature content viewers 18 and over please):

Zim's Agape Shapes are really well done, and so are his styling cards.  Each of his shapes comes with a fatpack of his eyes.  You can visit his main store here:

Here I am modeling one of my favorite outfits from Roosters.

Here I am modeling one of my favorite outfits from Redgrave.


  1. Very hot look Eddi, you may give Ryce a run for his money ;-)

  2. I agree with Ziggy. A great look.


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