Sunday, January 29, 2012

Second Life Art Installation: Not Everything is Plain B&W by Fuschia Nightfire

Fuschia Nightfire's  "Not Everything is Plain B&W" is one of a series of interactive 3D art installations built by Women artists and creators of SL.  Eac installation lasts for a month in Sim Metlales.

This installation makes use of very subtle injections of color, hardly noticeable, in a cool black and white landscape, to portray things in the real wold that are not quite as black and white as they seem. A flock of moving zebras, thin shadow humans who view one piece of art, wrestling skeletons of some extinct series, or a ballet dancer spinning as white light let us question a colorless illusion.

Remember to set your sky to Foggy light setting when you visit.

SLURL to visit art installation:

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